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  1. I did it yesterday ) 4668 supporters up to this moment. We need more!) Join us guys!
  2. It has just happened to me -- SS canceled the sale of one of my videos ( + they canceled a sale of a photo this month also. In December, they canceled a video and several photos.( I guess, fraudsters get the content for free as the result. It could be some scheme to get content from SS for free.
  3. Thank you Alex for expressing your opinion and kind words. Many nice photos in your portfolio too. Yes, let's see what will happen next.
  4. This is an interesting idea for a case if Russia moves "the red line" deeper (which, I believe, will happen). Maybe, creating a small Russian office could be a decision, if potential profit may be larger than expenses and risks. For example, Google has a Russian office and a Russian version of the search engine. If Russia agrees to be stricter about copyright law in response, for example?.. (Which is not real because ShutterStock is not enough significant to make demands to Russian government. At the same time, who knows, maybe some Russian officials are just waiting for an occasion to implement restrictions in this field). If more Russian companies are forced to buy photos instead of taking them for free or steal, then there would be more sales in Russia and more reasons to work at the rough Russian market. I guess Shutterstock will wait to see if Russia demands anything else. I think it will happen, they will move "the red line" deeper, to the more sensitive position (like removing types photos I mentioned above). Because SS has a connection to mass media and to new Russian laws, and, for a reason, when Russian bureaucracy start working, it usually means they just started. About risks. The trouble is that the investment sometimes becomes "a hostage". And this can happen with a Russian office. And 2020 is not a good time to start a foreign business in Russia. The red line might move to the regular photo deletion requests (for example, types of photos I mentioned above), to the list of companies, agencies and even photographers Shutterstock mustn't work with, to the list of topics that Shutterstock mustn't work with, to the demand of creating a legal entity in Russia, to the demand to bring the ShutterStock database onto the servers in Russia. The more you agree, the further you move, the larger losses in a case of refusal to cooperate. Then, there might be a request to hire people in uniform to work in the Russian office. Then, the office will become a property owned by a Russian oligarch. If things were different, Pavel Durov would still work in Russia with his social media. This might be another strategy - to stay away from an unpredictable highly-corrupted authoritarian country. Keep staying at market at the moment when other players leave or don't want to come, can be a smart business strategy or a business suicide. So let's see what will happen next and what ShutterStock will decide.
  5. If "feces next to LGBT people" is an editorial photograph, it must be accepted into Shutterstock photo collection. Here, while talking on the forum, we must avoid being offensive towards any group or person. Don't you agree?
  6. Personal decency is a good reason. What about the honesty of journalism? There is this sort of beer in Lviv, Ukraine (this one), this is a part of reality, and an editorial photographer must do their job - showing how things really are. If some people dislike the things on the photo, they should go to court and demand these people in Lviv to stop labeling beer with stickers that offend the President of Russia. And ask them to pay compensation to the victim of their offense. Somebody got offended by the beer label. But some Ukrainians may be offended by the Russian bomb that killed their brother or child... Can the murder of the child be enough reason for being offended? (Or only caricatures on beer stickers have this power?) Maybe some people in Ukraine want to get compensation for such offenses, who knows. So what to do? I think all offended people, Putin and Ukrainians and anybody else, must go to court together to solve this trouble between them. There is the International Court of Justice, the main court of the United Nations located in The Hague and this is where they work with such international lawsuits. And all these offended people must leave us (photographers, journalists, agencies) alone to let us freely do our work. In my humble opinion.
  7. @oleskalashnik So, in your opinion, photos of gay people must be published together with photos of poop? I think this is rude and inappropriate on the forum of the American company.
  8. Scott... The best ever cat... I miss him... 7500 km between us... https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/cat-plays-rope-he-caught-end-1166193961
  9. This is censorship (and I don't like it). Next things to remove to please Putin's bureaucracy: Caption: Lviv, Ukraine - Mar 26, 2015: A bottles of beer featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin is called "Putin Huilo" (literally: Dickhead Putin) brewed in "Pravda Beer Theater" restaurant in Lviv. --- breaking the law on respect towards the Russia state power. Caption: Gay parade. Interracial group of gay, lesbian, transgender activists participating in lgbtq pride. Vector flat modern style illustration icon design. Isolated on white background. --- Breaking Russian gay propaganda law Caption: idlib / syria - sep 02 2019 : a destroyed building because of russian airstrike on civil family house. --- any proof that Russia actually did it? so then this is a violation of Russian law on fake news. --- No need to pay. I am sure Russian censorship service would be happy to get an access to database of shutterstock.com in order to improve it totally for free. Welcome to the world of new oppotunities. I don't know what has exactly happened between Russia and Shutterstock. But it seems to be a part of the larger trend in Russia: "Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law increasing fines for Internet companies for their repeated refusal to provide the FSB [Russian intelligence service, formerly KGB] with keys to decrypt user correspondence. The law comes into force on December 2, 2019... ...new fines will become an effective mechanism of influence on Facebook and Twitter." https://vc.ru/legal/95414-putin-podpisal-zakon-ob-uvelichenii-shtrafa-do-6-mln-rubley-za-povtornyy-otkaz-peredat-fsb-klyuchi-shifrovaniya Putin has signed one more new law that says "an individual can be recognized as a foreign agent if he distributes materials to an unlimited number of persons and receives foreign funding." https://www.bbc.com/russian/features-50406548 It means, since the law enacted, Shutterstock contributors from Russia are legally considered to be unrevealed foreign agents. "an individual can be recognized not just as a foreign agent, but as a "foreign media acting as a foreign agent", and within a month this individual must establish a Russian legal entity and notify the authorities." "Russian law also requires so-called foreign agents to submit regular reports on their funding, objectives, how they spend their money and who their managers are."https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-politics-media/russias-putin-signs-law-to-label-people-foreign-agents-idUSKBN1Y625T
  10. Shutterstock still works at my place (St. Petersburg) but other smaller stock (P**Fair) has been banned by my internet provider.
  11. I got troubles with the access to alamy.com only 2 days ago (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Maybe this is a fault of my internet company... Too slow in law implementions.. All browers started reporting that the connection to Alamy was insecure, your passwords and stuff could be stolen... I thought Alamy got troubles with https protocol... After 2 days waiting, I got angry with Alamy and sent a message to the alamy twitter like "Alamy got broken". They answered that I should have talked to Alamy support about MY problem .. So .. I decided to see what would happen after I move beyond this unsafe connection message ... I saw this: It means, yes, they banned alamy. What to do. I solved it with the browser Opera. Open it and click a button VPN in the beginning of the address bar: Aaaand solved! The evil defeated! Opera has built-in VPN and this is for free.
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