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  1. The UK government uses free photo sites?! That's the most annoying issue for me...
  2. Thank you, @Wilm Ihlenfeld. It's not very logical to keep working when it's clear that I'm moving backwards. I don't like the hamster wheel...
  3. I've got a very nice downhill curve going. August was diabolical -- 201 downloads for a whopping $66. In August 2019 I had 339 downloads for $180. This month started off quite well and I was optimistic, but at the end of last week it seemed like someone pulled the plug. Covid has definitely impacted my sales, but the royalty cuts were the nail in the coffin.
  4. August is a disaster for me. 99 downloads and not even $30 at Level 4, almost halfway through the month. Not sure what adjective to use...
  5. I'm level 4 (used to be 3rd tier) and got a $0.17 On Demand today. Absolutely dead sales -- every day is a Sunday.
  6. Sadly, Shutterstock has become an image sweatshop. 10 cents an image?! Sweatshop wages. I've been observing my earnings under the new system for the past two weeks and it's clear that I will not be a winner under the new system (Level 4). My port is dead. Financially, it's unviable for me to continue to supply SS images for 10 cents. Ethically, I cannot support the system of sweatshops. I will no longer upload here and will disable my port on the 15th.
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