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  1. No, when starting, I did not know MS. I gave my fotos for free. Millions and millions of amateurs, who come in new, will be happy and glad if they can show ther masterpieces for free. This is the problem about earning money with MS. Yes, I have suggested that to some who need money several times. At least in Germany, collecting returnable bottles brings in more than MS, for sure. An important and right point, I'm with you. It's actually hurtful, insulting and disrespectful. That's also why I stopped uploading to SS. However, I'm afraid that we can't stop the downfall, but at best delay it. MS will die as a model for making money, in the medium or long term.
  2. I congratulate you with all my heart. Finally someone in this depression forum who has a positive contribution and a happy success story. Thanks for that. However, one can also draw other conclusions from your description of the situation. Namely that the quality of the so-called professionals and the so-called amateurs is getting closer and closer together. Obviously the amateur level is completely sufficient for many purposes, and the amateurs are satisfied with an amateur payment in return, after all they have an honest job to earn real money. P.S.: As a fulltime professional photographer you should take more care about the masks at PP.
  3. Just came in the third sale in June via Alamy. In SS, June has a three-digit number of DLs. The 3 sales at Alamy made more money than the more than 30 times (!) sales at Mr. O. Apparently the sellers are quite willing to pay a little more if the other conditions are perfect. Alamy seems to be doing a better job than SS. In addition, they are probably not so outrageously greedy. The only disadvantage with Alamy is that I won't have the money in my account for a few months, but you can get used to that. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  4. You took such a lot of work and effort to create this great masterpiece of modern art. Do you really want to throw it away for 10 Cent?
  5. They don't have time for trivialities like that. They need all their capacity to count their money. It's damned hard work. A little more understanding from the contributors would be appreciated.
  6. Once again a typical masterpiece of SS to publish something like this in their own blog.
  7. Is that an insult or already a termination? Compared to these amounts IS still pays really well...
  8. The question we have to ask ourselves is of course how much "a lot" is. MS has always been, in every way, a numbers game. And what we think is "a lot" may only be "a bit" to our overpaid arrogant contractor. I don’t think we realize a lot of the good photographers, videographers, illustrators will still be there at the end of June.
  9. The middle class is still missing, so people like me. I'm pretty sure that I would reach level 4 in a relatively short time when I upload again starting in January. But I'm also sure that it would be impossible for me to reach level 5 in a reasonable time. So I would immediately stop uploading when level 4 is reached. Because I would need the pictures for next January to be able to start climbing again. A really stupid system invented by complete fools.
  10. sounds good, @Alexandre Rotenberg Perhaps I should overthink my plan of not uploading. Seem to be nice picures without effort.
  11. Completely normal for SS. Nothing new or special, business as usual. Just stop uploading, then no problem.
  12. But selling the photos at the competition can also be frustrating. Here a result of a small agency after about 2 years. When the PF reaches payout, my heirs can put a few flowers on my grave from the money earned.
  13. 🤣 Madness. And an incredible performance. But I see the same thing. MS is a numbers game. Where it's not only about the number of photos, but also about their multiplication by many agencies.
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