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  1. Since som month they reject about 90% of my M2P videos for "noise". Even tries with different ND-Filters for a perfect exposure did not help. P5 and AS accept the noisy trash.....
  2. Of course there are typical stock photos that only sell as coms. Any product photos against a white background or similar. But I doubt if the picture of a skyline, which has not been artistically edited, really should be submitted as a com. The use, if it is bought, will most likely be in an editorial environment (blog, report, etc.) anyway. In this case, the mandatory information in the description of an editorial can even be sales-promoting. So I wouldn't worry about Com at all, but submit it directly as an editorial without erasing anything. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/Why-was-my-content-rejected-for-Objectionable-Content?l=en_US
  4. Maybe SS should try to poach some good people from AS. At least according to my figures, the people at AS have been doing a much better job than the SS team lately.
  5. Debbie, take your chance and try to become forum admin. Would be definitely your job !
  6. Quite simple: 1. open catalog manager 2. choose every single photo except your bestseller 3. delete 4. 100 % and living.
  7. Stop uploading, wait, wait, wait ........ Next year it will be 50 % 😇
  8. The young lady with the miserable pronunciation is really a master in her field. She has actually managed to set her Canon so that the camera takes worse pictures than her phone. This is not so easy and needs a lot of practice and experience.
  9. What is irony, what is reality, what honesty, what stupidity and what megalomania? The nice thing about internet entries is that nobody is able to distinguish reality from the real intention. It is and remains a game, a game with an uncertain outcome and hidden actors. I love it.
  10. Yes, looks perfect. Thank you.
  11. I'm more inclined towards inanimate nature. And I know even less about plants than I do about animals. Does anyone know what I saw yesterday (was in the middle of the city, looked quite nice, but I can't identify it)? With the Google search I could only find out that it was a flower. Which I already thought so...
  12. You think so? I don't know much about this whole video thing. It was a simple HD, not much work, $10 would have been fine, I thought. And when you look at the new exciting options at SS, and read the news about the scrap sales here, it doesn't seem so low .
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