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    Photography, Digital art, Quilting, Shooting (the boom boom kind), Just being creative since my job frowns on such things ;)

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  1. ClaraSnowCamo.jpg

    Thanks Lauren I'll have to try that.
  2. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    haha yeah, sorry raccoons are lil rascals!
  3. Tell me what you think...

    Stuff accepted here but rejected on another site. No big deal really, different sites may have different customer demands... Just wondering what you think.
  4. This shot would have been great IF...

    Yeah, Alexlky did great with that! I have to keep practicing with PS
  5. hello~

  6. This shot would have been great IF...

    You just took a photo of a darkroom with the lights off
  7. Don't shoot flowers unless...

    one of my many WIP's lol I should get off the forums, off line entirely and just work on stuff
  8. RAW vs. JPG

    I shoot both. Use 'save as' all the time when working with a photo and usually save as .psd (which is similar to .tiff as it doesn't lose info each time you save) Once it is done, all keywords and info added, I save as .jpeg. I sometimes use the raw version of an image, sometimes the jpeg. It depends on which one I like better to start with. Yes raw has more lattitude, but I sometimes have better luck in photoshop starting with .jpeg. In my camera, jpeg colors are more vibrant, and if I try to make it that way in raw it looks fake. Sometimes. lots and lots of storage
  9. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    If you are ever in Wisconsin let me know I love living near the lake.
  10. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Cranes and herons and the type always made me think of pterodactyls (why on earth is it spelled that way???) Birds really are amazing creatures, for all their delicate hollow bones and feathers, they really are tough and resilient. Actually all of nature is. In the great lakes area, there is a sort of crisis because of zebra muscles (and quaga muscles which are bigger and reside at a deeper depth than zebra muscles) They are eating much of what used to be eaten by smelt, and other small fish. Also carp are aggressive eaters and are hogging the smelt et al.... So trout and salmon do not have the food base they used to. Trout and salmon are the major sport fish on lake Michigan. There is an invasive species of bottom feeder , Gobi's that were becoming abundant because nothing was eating them. Then a few years ago fishermen started finding them in the stomachs of trout and salmon. (I did too). It may not be enough, but it certainly helped stabilize the trout and salmon population. There are other factors too, like dwindling areas they can successfully spawn and such.
  11. Sci-Fi Illustration and Footage

    Very nice, so, do you use a photograph as the backdrop? Or is it all created?
  12. hello~

    Can't read what you wrote, but hello
  13. It never ends...

    Sorry for your loss. Beautiful images of Max. (and your daughter) Hang in there. You will get through this.