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  1. Awwwwww, makes me think of the ugly duckling story. I like it, very nice photo. Simple, clean.
  2. The Mirro building in Manitowoc is mostly rubble. Less than a quarter of it is still standing. It has been vacant for many years, has been bought and sold several times for ridiculously low prices, and kept reverting back to the city. Does this photo need a property release? Would it have to be an editorial? (photo size reduced for fast upload)
  3. Me too Just started this stock photo thing a couple months ago, if that. The biggest thing I've learned is how much I really have no clue about!
  4. 2 minutes, and most of that to find the photo to start with It's probably 12 years old.
  5. Ms Reynolds, I hope you don't mind... Hadda try one...
  6. Was out taking pics, and though my exposure time was way too long to capture the duck, it caught a swarm of lil bugs I didn't even see... At first I thought holy crap that's a lot of dust on my lens! but they were different in the next frame.
  7. Did you know crows can recognize people years later and even pass it on to their young?
  8. haha I haven't done anything like that since school, many many moons ago... back when people printed the stuff I embellished photos at times but never did any sort of ads
  9. Can't tell you how many 'bits of practice' on Photoshop I lost, (always have high quality back-ups, and never pack them in the same box when moving) that people ooh'd and ahhh'd over that I was just like... it took me 5 minutes As a flyer, it has nice composition. easy to read, without too much info. It seems to me that there is a statistic about if a person can't get so-much percentage of the info in this number of seconds they are likely to ignore a flyer. Don't remember the numbers though, it was an elective class in high school.... long time ago....
  10. Nice
  11. Thought about asking... no harm in that I suppose. Worst they can do is say no, then monitor my FB page to make sure I don't do it anyway
  12. going through some moon shots... This one is oof, but something made a shadow on the moon! it's gone in the next shot... probably just jet trails or something... but it looks cool
  13. Other than trying a high key photo for fun no. I double check that really often. If things look grainy, I check it again in the camera info part of the photo file. Very much need to use the tripod more. Though, if you are on a bridge, and a huge truck rolls by, no matter how good your tripod and IS are... the shot is ruined
  14. From the album Tell me what you think...

    For album uploading demo only, someone asked how to upload to albums I don't have it memorized to had to go through it.
  15. Sorry I missed this earlier...