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    Photography, Digital art, Quilting, Shooting (the boom boom kind), Just being creative since my job frowns on such things ;)

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  1. I like the simplicity of this shot
  2. Pamela Walsh

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    HI, once again, too many pages to go through, but just wanted to stop by. Got to see two of my sisters I hadn't seen in many years! All 7 of us (6 girls, one boy) were in the same place at the same time for the first time in 20 years! It was a lot of fun!
  3. Pamela Walsh

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Hi guys, too much to catch up on, so just gonna say I hope all is well. Just busy, lots of things changing here, mostly good, but my new camera keeps getting put off Make it great day!
  4. Pamela Walsh

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    it is... my peppers that I started from seed seem stuck, but I started a butternut squash from a seed and it's growing like crazy! the lawn is a desert, and I have been working a ton of OT... ?
  5. Pamela Walsh

    Portfolio review

    You may just need to calibrate your screen, if you haven't. If you have a stationary screen, make sure you are always at the same angle to it when you work on photos. If you are using a laptop (like I am) have a photo that it is easy to see if it is tipped right (something with lotsa of variations of near white, or near black, where you see the most detail and least grey/blown out areas. Also, compare your photos to similar 'populars' on the site to double check exposure and saturation. Hope this helps... wish I had done these from the start
  6. Pamela Walsh

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    hi guys, not staying long, been busy, unfortunately with work and not my camera... miss it here.
  7. Pamela Walsh

    New submit.shutterstock.com cover image.

    ummmm I still see the fruit.... unless that's not the page you are talking about?
  8. Pamela Walsh

    The stacking coins (banknotes) Club

    hahaha if I had cash to do it with.... Wait, hang on... took a pic with my phone of money from a loan... couldn't open it in photoshop not even to resize and crop!
  9. Looks like April in Wisconsin!
  10. Pamela Walsh

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I think i'd rather drown or freeze than go in a fire... Sorry to hear about the injuries and heart troubles... Hope everyone gets better without complications! As for me, insomnia. no biggie, just a pain. I got an image approved that I am pretty sure shouldn't have been. I like the image personally, and have drawn it a few times with pretty good results, but the photo just isn't that great. Not that it can't be useful to someone, somehow. Lord know some of the ones that sold have me wondering how they got used!
  11. I am fascinated by old ammunition and weapons. In 6th grade I did a report on medieval weapons... my teacher freaked out like I was going to grow up to be an axe murder! lol
  12. Pamela Walsh

    lets discuss this

    Pat, they made it impossible to get into rooms without going through a ton of hoops, i never checked since then
  13. Pamela Walsh

    lets discuss this

    FB is just a symptom of a huge social shift... Listen to the lyrics of Sound of Silence... Since the first time I had entire friendships / conversations with total strangers on line, no video (scary stuff video chat) or voice, in the old yahoo chatrooms, it has made me think of that song.... As far as what facebook has collected and sold as information about me goes... I am unremarkable to the point of being a nonentity on line. Yes, there is far too much info about me online, but along with it is the knowledge that I have nothing worth taking . I have an ancient flip phone with all tracking turned off and no internet access. I used to debate stuff I felt strongly about, but too often people started making personal attacks rather than debating, so I quit doing that. Mostly now, just check in with family n friends I know personally. I do kind of miss the old Yahoo 360, it was very customize-able, but they shut it down because of security issues I think.