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  1. Talking about girls, bugs, and the inevitable circle of life... Ages ago when my daughter was a little girl, still loved to wear pink, and play with unicorns and dolls... she also had a turtle. She took great pleasure in finding all manner of insect and crawly things for the turtle to hunt in his 'river' tank. She would play with the little crawlies while I looked up to see if it was safe to feed to the reptilian pet. If I gave her the OK, she would drop it in the tank, and watch the little hunter go to work. We also bought guppies for him. She was proficient at counting moving wigglies before she started school We also raised a monarch from little crawly to flying grace and let it go. She never mourned for the passing (or departure) of little creatures like I would have expected a girly girl looking thing like her would. She would praise her turtle for making quick work of the hunt so the prey wouldn't suffer. Though, I must say, the guinnea pigs passed and she turned on the water works for a day or so.
  2. thank you, have not tried editorial yet and know little about it. I have had some totally incapacitating tooth pain, glad yours is tolerable. Pain can be exhausting.
  3. Like the others have said... too cluttered. big foot bad, hanging out of the car good but I really have no idea what sells. I sort of like the last one, but I think the shadows across his face are badly placed, sort of cuts his face in half. Try having him just in the left third (open up the cropping if you can to show more horizon) and position his face (closer to the window if you have to) so both eyes are in the same section of light, or the line is through the off side eye. Also use a fill light to soften the shadows on his face a little. Have him try different expressions. Just a thought.
  4. Too much to comment on, but mouth pain sucks, I am forever in awe of people that can climb cliffs like spiders , overbooking seems like bad business, love the horse, kitty, critter pics! I think my shutter is starting to fail and nowhere near able to buy a new camera body. Does one need a model release of hands in an editorial pic? I'm up to two sales on this site, and really need to upload more, but working so much OT I rarely even turn the computer on.
  5. Too new to give advice on what sells and what doesn't, but I do enjoy making 'art' from photos. As was said above, a great image that is slightly out of focus may be worth playing with. As with writing, do it with an audience in mind, or simply do it for your own pleasure. If it turns out to be something someone may be able to use commercially (I.E. can add text to it without too much distraction, or can be used to illustrate a concept or idea) submit it. But just so you know, I haven't much for modified stuff up, and haven't sold much yet. If it's a chore for you to do, and doesn't sell, it's not worth it. If you enjoy doing it, it's worth it whether it sells or not
  6. hey guys, missed being here :), got a chance to take some Model T pics today, it is definitely NOT pristine, but I got to go for a ride in it after!
  7. Thinking of you guys in or near the path. Stay safe
  8. cool. one of the viewing windows is messed up I think. I wonder if photos of it dusty, or all cleaned up would be better? when I find it...
  9. forget the Domestic Goddess crap and go shoot and play with the furry ones, relax, everything I wish I had time to do gotta clean house, then drive 2 hours with the shed monster in a small car to go somewhere I don't wanna go *pout* and deal with stuff I'd rather avoid.... maybe I should just go hang out in the procrastination thread....
  10. Not sure, I was wondering the same thing. Got around it by uploading the original on the same day as the illustrations I made from it.
  11. Just looked at the first page, the rest can wait...
  12. That must be from Mr. Daniels' Port
  13. Love the moon in this, looks great!
  14. love this crazy thing