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  1. Yeah that's it live view, thanks! Haven't made gifs yet.
  2. I totally agree with that. It can be fun to text with someone in the room and make them laugh out loud, and everyone looks at them. Hehehe Th problem with motion photos is that it picks up YOUR motion too, unless you can rest it on something. Going to try and upload one here, that worked well... ok, no motion, lol oh well.
  3. I don't have any other gadgets that I talk at my household is not that on modern the phone is really the only thing in it's a new toy. I do have to say it is difficult for me to remember to put in punctuations. I also never do this in front of anybody else this is only when I am completely alone I usually don't have any other noise on in the house non TV no radio so the sound of my own voice is about the only noise I have most of the time. I love taking pictures of dew covered spider webs but if there's any wind or breeze and all they either don't stay dewy long or they move too much. A
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/paris-france-jun-11th-2018-paleontology-1413501260 Love those amazing skeletons! First try doing this with my phone.
  5. Hi everyone I know it's been a long time since I've shown my face and here but I just wanted to say Hi. Oh yeah and I got a smartphone finally I don't have a flip phone anymore and this thing is awesome I love it. I'm not even typing any of this I'm just talking at my phone and its typing everything out for me I love it. Oh, and my 3 most recent uploads were taken with this phone, it's a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. So how is everyone doing?
  6. HI, once again, too many pages to go through, but just wanted to stop by. Got to see two of my sisters I hadn't seen in many years! All 7 of us (6 girls, one boy) were in the same place at the same time for the first time in 20 years! It was a lot of fun!
  7. Hi guys, too much to catch up on, so just gonna say I hope all is well. Just busy, lots of things changing here, mostly good, but my new camera keeps getting put off Make it great day!
  8. it is... my peppers that I started from seed seem stuck, but I started a butternut squash from a seed and it's growing like crazy! the lawn is a desert, and I have been working a ton of OT... ?
  9. You may just need to calibrate your screen, if you haven't. If you have a stationary screen, make sure you are always at the same angle to it when you work on photos. If you are using a laptop (like I am) have a photo that it is easy to see if it is tipped right (something with lotsa of variations of near white, or near black, where you see the most detail and least grey/blown out areas. Also, compare your photos to similar 'populars' on the site to double check exposure and saturation. Hope this helps... wish I had done these from the start
  10. hi guys, not staying long, been busy, unfortunately with work and not my camera... miss it here.
  11. ummmm I still see the fruit.... unless that's not the page you are talking about?
  12. hahaha if I had cash to do it with.... Wait, hang on... took a pic with my phone of money from a loan... couldn't open it in photoshop not even to resize and crop!
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