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  1. Ryan Rowe


    Mark, from the distance at which I took this would a flash really make a difference? I was 5 metres away from the subject. I am using the flash that comes with the camera (nikon D90). Thanks!
  2. Shot this with a 70-300m telephoto lens on auto-focus on a moving animal. What would you suggest to get a better focus on such a subject, for my next opportunity? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, the foreground is snow. Not much I can do other than crop it or retake the photo.
  4. Ryan Rowe


    Thanks man, but I didn't go to Antarctica for the photos. I went there for the experience and happened to bring my camera with me
  5. Ryan Rowe

    Wildlife in Antarctica

    Thanks for the recent feedback on my Switzerland photos. Much appreciated Here are a few photos from a trip to Antarctica. Feedback on whether these are saleable, and any suggestions for improving the quality of future wildlife shots, or for post-production processing would be very much appreciated!
  6. Ryan Rowe


    Images from travels in Switzerland
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