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  1. I am not sure @mikenorton Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to ensure proper color correction? @Paul Richard Jones - I would have liked to had the opportunity to shoot this from a many different angles but when the "models" are just passing you by you shoot what you can I guess Thanks for all the comments
  2. I agree about the White sky- unfortunately because of the wild fires and the smoke that was blanketing the area I think this was the best I could do but I really appreciate every one's feed back
  3. Just back from a month long road trip and would love some CC back on what I consider to be the better images- Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at the images and I look forward to hearing your critique
  4. Thanks John- I am still very new with Lightroom/Photoshop which is probably why I didnt clone the pink lady out-
  5. Just out for a hike with the dogs close to where we live- trying to get the dogs to be photogenic is extremely hard as they are not well behaved
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