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  1. Got my first 0.10 yesterday. I never expected to make money to pay bills here, but now that’s a bit insulting. What can I buy? A spoonful of salt?
  2. Thanks for the input, Chris and Richard. I get it. That's always the doubt, I joked about snob but they are indeed worth it... Wished for a magical sale 50% off. And unicorns in my backyard. Pelicans are my best sellers, I do need a good one.
  3. Hi Forum Friends After dealing with the emotions of bitter guilt by betrayal, I made the mirrorless change to a Sony Alpha 7III. My Canon gear was sold because I can’t afford too many items, my son is a HS senior (college savings, anyone?) No regrets, loved Canon, but love my Sony too. I am saving for a telephoto, don’t have anything over 105mm now. But the Sony I want will take time. I am into Mindful Photography (long story) and launching a course on it, maybe that will help the budget. Renting is good when I have certain jobs that pay for it, but it still adds up. So as I am “docked” and not able to work with a painful frozen shoulder (with possible autoimmune cause in the arthritis family, tests being done), I am gathering opinions on alternative options in the meantime, such as the Tamrons and Sigmas... I’ve always been a "brand snob" and stuck with all in the family. But money is tight. I know it’s the Photographer, not the gear, but glass matters. Input appreciated. Small budget, big dreams.
  4. Happy Birthday, Laurin, and many more years of pictures to make!🎂🎉🎈
  5. I thought it was, but it could express the feelings of any traveler, homeless, wanderer... That’s the beauty of both photography and poetry. 🙂
  6. You’re welcome. It’s a very nice poem, it gives the portraited man a voice. I’m glad to see somebody else combining verses with pix. Have a lovely weekend too!
  7. As a poet/writer myself, I believe “phoetry” is a very nice blend. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but words can inspire great imagery also. Keep writing, keep shooting, keep creating. 😊
  8. That’s what I understood too, Sheila. I don’t speak Spanish but I speak Portuguese, maybe Juan can understand me: Você não precisa pagar nada para abrir uma conta de fotógrafo contribuinte e vender suas fotos. Apenas compradores pagam uma subscription. São 2 sites diferentes.
  9. Good thing I didn't see this last night. It told me an evil story.🙈👍
  10. Price, Profit... Pizza is Perfect, @HodagMedia! Pasta? Party! Pinot, Please...
  11. Thanks so much everybody for your input. @Laurin Rinder I know you have helped many of us with your experience, myself included. I am sure many are thankful to you and to others who have been on this road for a long and succesful time. Just by being able to visit such ports here feels like getting a free ticket to a photography exhibition. It’s not easy being green in any new endeavor. 😊
  12. General note: I know happy can get cheesy sometimes. It's a risk I am willing to take for giving my unsolicited 2 cents. But trust me, that's just part of the self portrait. Camera raw wouldn't fix some of my shadows. I only ask that you see me more as a creamy havarti, a grana padano, or a simple mozzarella. Definitely not a cottage. Gotta go buy myself a nice violin now.
  13. Yep, in all industries, since cave days. Disagreeing makes room for progress, or we would still be living on a flat planet with the Sun going around and making us dizzy. Enjoy the pralines. Chocolate better start with P in some language. On second thought, including the entire alphabet makes room for more options, let's say P is in every letter.
  14. Very nice journey, it’s a learning curve indeed, but the ride is fun. Happy anniversary, and a wish you a second year even better!
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