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  1. Hi. I'm new to Shutterstock. I'd like to get these pictures reviewed by other contributors before I submit them for approval. I want to make the cut the first time, so any and all feedback is appreciated. Picture #1 - Kayaks in St. Petersburg, FL Picture #2 - Frozen lake with migratory birds at Green Valley State Park, IA Picture #3 - 1850s farm at Living History Farms, Urbandale, IA Picture #4 - Spring on the Niobrara River running between Nebraska and South Dakota (May 2017) Picture #5 - General store bedroom at Fort Atkinson, NE Picture #6 - Merchandise at
  2. Do photos need to be submitted in a certain format? I'm trying to upload JPEG file pictures for critique, and the process is failing. Should the photos be a different file type or a certain size? Please advise.
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