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  1. Brown Pelican Flying in Front of Fishing Boats Anchored Off Shore in the Ocean in Puerto Escondido Mexico
  2. Boxer Dogs Playing on a Beach Under a Rare White Rainbow Fogbow Over the River
  3. Caucasian Woman Posing Next to a Huge Ficus Tree Roots Covered Walls at Ta Prohm Temple at Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia Blue Political Yard Sign that says JESUS 2020 Love Peace Compassion Drive In Movie Theatre Outside in New England
  4. Drive In Movie Theatre Outside in New England Lovejoy Covered Bridge in South Andover Maine. Maines Shortest Covered Bridge Spans the Ellis River
  5. Close up of Striped Baby Hatchlings American Alligators ( Alligator Mississippiensis ) Crawling on top of Green Lily Pads in Water Disabled People Embroidering Pictures for Sale at the Hong Ngoc Fine Art Center Workshop Near Hanoi Vietnam
  6. A View of The Great Wall of China as it Winds Through the Mountains at Mutianyu Great White Egret Ardea alba Sitting on a Tree Branch with a Blue Sky
  7. This is one of my first photos accepted to SS. Actually one of a group. I started in July 2017 and now have 3,184 photos. Mostly travel, some wildlife, some of this, some of that..........
  8. Historic Urban Cityscape Townhomes in Savannah Georgia
  9. Spanish Moss Tillandsia usneoides an epiphytic flowering plant that grows upon larger trees in tropical and subtropical climates in Savannah Georgia
  10. Crowing Hen; Thanks for the suggestions.. I did use different key words and submitted a second time on a different day but maybe I'll go shoot the second one again from a little further back and it may look a bit different than the first.... again thanks
  11. I know the whole "similar content" rejection issue is happening on SS right now and I'm not hear to bitch about it but want to see if anyone has an idea that might work to get the second photo on this thread accepted... 1st photo accepted, 2nd photo rejected twice for being "similar content' and the photos are similar but if one reads the billboard sign there's a big difference. Thanks for suggestions This on accepted: This one not accepted:
  12. Overhead Sign Directing Buddhist and Muslim Praying areas in Both English and Thai in the Chiang Mai Thailand Public Airport Lobby
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