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  1. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA - June 28, 2018: Birth Place of Juliette Low Historical Marker
  2. Bruce, I had never edited a photograph before so was starting of zero. Watched a series of videos on youtube by Anthony Morganti, seemed to make sense to me, got Lightroom and that's that for me. I do use Photoshop for a couple of tools (Laurin's good Suggestion)
  3. A Front Bow View of Alaskan Fishing Crab Boats at Port in Dutch Harbor Alaska
  4. Leonard - good to know about the Tamron teleconverters, just the reviews I read didn't give them glowing marks. Phil - You're making a good case for the 200 - 500. I am now leaning this way. Next 2 years we are planning trips to SE Asia, Africa, and the Galapagos so I want to have a longer reach AND have played with it enough before traveling that I feel comfortable with it. Within the next couple weeks I'll be ordering.... Thank You Everyone
  5. Everyone, Thank you to all who have responded to this post. You all are giving me lots to think about. I had thought about a 1.4 teleconverter with my Tamron 70-200 but the Tamron teleconverters don't have very good reviews and the Nikon one won't work with my Tamron lens. Phil, you are so right. I'm looking for more distance and won't be using this lens closer. Am coming around to the Nikon 200-500 just need to do some more reviewing Thanks
  6. Charles and Craig, Thank you for your replies. Still thinking of this lens, have a little more time to shop as I'm waiting for $$ to arrive. Anyone have any other suggestions in the same price range?
  7. I live in Savannah, Georgia and will be traveling to mid-coast Maine at the end on May, beginning of June.
  8. Looking for a new lens that has more reach than what I currently have. Interested in the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm F4.5-5.6 G ED VR (newer version of the 80-400) does anyone have experience with it? I have read lots of reviews and it seems like what I could use but am asking for first hand experiences. Mostly shoot with a d750 but also have a d7100 and the lenses I currently have are: Nikon 24-120 f/1.4 and a Tamron 70-200 2.8. I mostly shoot wildlife, landscapes, travel. Any advice would be appreciated.....
  9. Claude Please tell us about your experience on the houseboat Pangolin Voyager. Looks very cool, wife and I are looking for our next adventure. Thanks, Mark
  10. Chiricahua National Monument in Southeastern Arizona USA
  11. Claude, Crazy video! As one who boats a good bit, that's terrifying.... I've had sharks, alligators, snakes around/under my boat but nothing like that!!! My boats only 17' long but does have a 150hp outboard and you KNOW I'd have kicked it out of there!!! Great photo by the way.......
  12. Five Gray Langur Monkeys Sitting on a Large Rock Beside the Road in Rajasthan India
  13. Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you the most Blessed of years to come.....
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