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  1. What am I doing wrong/ Model release

    Simone - I thought this also "Shoot date can be different from release signature date, but model and witness signature date must be the same." and this is what I did but since then I have found this on Shutterstock Blog called "Stock Image Releases Made Easy" Model Information: The model’s name, contact information, and signature are required when submitting a model release. Models should fill out their information during (or directly before or after) the shoot. So I'll be doing this from now on.........
  2. What am I doing wrong/ Model release

    Thank you-all for the input and I think/hope you-all have solved my problem. I put the date of the shot and then when my wife signed the release which was at a later date, should have had same dates.... Also, I did not know photographer couldn't be the witness, I looked under the blog area for "releases made easy" and it doesn't mention this. I'll have my son be the witness from now on.....I'll get it sooner or later..... Thanks
  3. What am I doing wrong/ Model release

    I have submitted a photo of my wife with a bird sitting on her head twice now, both times rejected because a need for a model release. Both times I've attached the below release, what's wrong with it? I haven't submitted many releases and am obviously doing something wrong. What? Thank you for any all help....
  4. Questions about re-keywording

    Actually, what I meant by question #3 is this: If you go to Cataloge Manager then towards the top of that page under the PORTFOLIO tab is a link to keyword suggestions. After clicking that tab you can type in what you are trying to keyword (example: Dolphin) up comes pages of images of dolphins. At the bottom of the page it instructs to click on at least three images similar to yours and up comes suggestions for keywords that I'm assuming were used on the images you clicked on. My question is: are the images in order of best sellers? Is it best to use the first ones in that row or does it matter? sljones: "I had the zoological name in the title in parentheses, and in the key words as separate words." Thank you for this advice, this way it doesn't matter about the parentheses!! That also answers #2, in that it is OK to use the same words in the title and again as a keyword....
  5. Questions about re-keywording

    I've been re-keywording some of my older listings as I believe I'm better at it now (know of more tools) and it may make a difference in sales but have a couple of questions: 1) If I use parentheses around a word in the title does that make the word "non-findable" for someone searching via that word? example: if I use (Tursiops truncatus) in the title for Bottlenose Dolphin, do the parentheses around Tursiops truncatus make it unsearchable? Same thing with comma's in the title? 2) If I use a word in the title, is that sufficient for a buyers search or should (can) I use it again in the keywords? 3) using the SS keywording search, are the images displayed in the order of sales? In other words, are the first couple of photos selling the best using those keywords? Or are the photos put there randomly?
  6. Updating Keywords on older photos

    I have been thinking of updating the keywords on my older photos as I think I can do a better job now. I understand where/how to do this but have some questions: Does shutterstock have to review these changes before that photo is active again?, could the new keywords be rejected?, will new better keywords help in the standing of that photo?, has anyone done this and had good results? Is it worth the time and effort? Any and all info will be appreciated.....
  7. Suggestions for Camera Bags

    Got the bag! Found a Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 V3.0 shoulder bag on Ebay for $66 (list price is $289). Delivered yesterday and it's new, never been used. Will try it out this weekend, looks like exactly what I wanted.....HAPPY!!!!
  8. Suggestions for Camera Bags

    Leanord, "all that equipment" are two cameras mounted. Nothing more. Most of the time there will be one camera in the bag because the other will be out being used. I really like the shoulder/messanger bag style because I can switch out cameras very easily and quickly. I do not like back pack for my daily gear, have to take it off, turn it around, find gear, no thank you. I have traveled across China, Nepal, USA, Caribbean, Europe, ect with a shoulder bag. I think the key is a good padded strap. cpaulfell, yes the bag is expensive but hopefully it will do double duty. As a airline carry-on with all my gear while traveling (hence the luggage cart) and then as a daily bag while at a destination (leaving unused gear in the room). With the shoulder bag I have now I can put my tripod inside across the top flap. Not sure with the 70-200 that will work but that's one reason to get the bag and try.
  9. Suggestions for Camera Bags

    I think I've found my solution and one bag may do the job of what I thought it might take two. The Think Tank "Urban Disguise 60 V3.0 bag" can take my two cameras with lenses attached for shooting during the day (or night) and if I add a luggage cart for the airplane I've got my wheels for travel with all my gear for that trip. That bag has a Wide Roller Handle Pass-Through on the back to put it on a cart which I can leave in the hotel room with any extra gear not needed that day. While traveling I won't have the lenses attached to the bodies so I should have enough room for my other gear. Ordering one to see if this really may work. Thanks for all the input on this tread....
  10. Suggestions for Camera Bags

    I am looking at two different camera bags and am asking for recommendations. I have researched on-line but would like to hear from folks that have experience with their bags. First, I'd like to get a bag with wheels to carry equipment onto a airplane as a carry-on. Needs to accommodate two camera bodies (d750 & d7100) four lenses (biggest 70-200), misc "stuff", and a compartment for a 13' Macbook Air. Also, needs to be small enough to take into planes as a carry-on worldwide. I know there are a lot of options but what has worked for you? Secondly, a carry around town shoulder bag that can hold two camera with lenses attached (longest being a 70-200) I would like that bag to open through the top for easy access. Have't found a lot of choices for a bag that can handle two camera with lenses attached. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. Teleconverter advice

    HodagMedia, I think you were correct in that I'll use my "best" camera (d750) with the 70-200 and crop later as I really didn't see a sufficient using the d7100 (besides weight). I was practicing with both cameras but was happiest with the d750 results most of the time. This quick trip to Mexico (3 days) was a good "dry run" trip for India as I made some mistakes that would have really been a pain in the butt in India ( brought the wrong battery charger, didn't bring tripod and monopod adapters for both cameras, ect) Thanks for every ones input.......
  12. Teleconverter advice

    Thanks for all the input, I am going to Mexico for a long weekend and will experiment there before the trip to India. Weather has been so poor here lately I haven't been able to get out much....
  13. Teleconverter advice

    Lens focal length in mm X teleconverter 1.4 X crop factor = shooting mm 200 X 1.4 X 1.5 = 420mm I understand the above but I guess what I am asking is about the quality of doing this. What would I lose quality wise between using the d750/ teleconverter and the d7100/ teleconverter with the same 70 - 200 lens. Does anyone have experience with a d750 and d7100 with the same teleconverter?
  14. Teleconverter advice

    Thanks for the replies above. Could someone explain the difference of using a teleconverter 1.4 (with my d750) and going back to using my d7100 (cropped lens) with the FX Tamron lens. How would these options affect reach and quality? What would I get if I used a teleconverter (1.4) AND the d7100 I am confused with options, thanks for the help....
  15. Teleconverter advice

    Need some advise, I received a Nikon d750 for B-day back in October, came with the 24-70 kit lens which I'm happy with for now. For Christmas I received the Tamron 70-200 G2 lens which I'm very happy with but find 200mm just isn't long enough sometimes (haven't used it a ton yet). Going to India in Feb and on safari for three days there, want to have more reach but need help figuring best way to do so. Thinking the budget isn't really going to let me purchase another lens right now and don't want to carry another big lens, I'm researching teleconverters. Seems 2x is not the way to go so 1.4 or 1.7, suggestions, comments would help. Another option, I have a d7100 (cropped sensor) that I can bring/use is it better than using a teleconverter with the d750? What about using the d7100 and a converter with the Tamron lens? I have no experience with teleconverters so all advice would be appreciated.