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    photography, music, reading, learning Chinese Mandarin, history, studying places on Google Map,

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  1. Matylda Laurence

    The move to Florida...

    Morning Phil good that you're still so positive and doing creative stuff best medicine I think...(IMHO) love the image but just being there to see it and drink in the beauty is so good for the heart and mind...best M
  2. Matylda Laurence

    pending long time wait

    yep just deleted small batch stuck for days in pending and reloaded let's hope the bug is gone...LOL
  3. Matylda Laurence

    pending long time wait

    hi just wondering if anyone else is having files stuck in pending...? thanks
  4. Matylda Laurence

    Long waiting times for approval

    could they be trying to sort out the File Transfer Error bug and holding back the tide...?
  5. Matylda Laurence

    Can we please fix the File Transfer Errors???

    Also when I then receive the email confirming my upload and approvals and rejections it's the LET'S TRY AGAIN that I find patronising as if we don't know what we are doing and the FTE is done deliberately - it's what might be said to an infant who is learning to walk!
  6. Matylda Laurence

    Can we please fix the File Transfer Errors???

    yep...6 with same problem and only uploaded a small batch...so frustrating doing it all for nothing!
  7. Matylda Laurence


    ha ha Ian I have thought that a few times and then low and behold...amazing LOL
  8. Matylda Laurence


    Europe and US today....subs but happy as had some big gaps in September
  9. Matylda Laurence

    Took the leap...

    Love it Phil...hope all goes well for you let us know how it goes...
  10. Matylda Laurence

    Website down?

    just restarted my computer and now ok ... am in UK using Google brower
  11. Matylda Laurence

    Zero sales today

    good for you Laurin...all in this together...
  12. Matylda Laurence

    ... no answear :-(

    in my humble opinion the OP question raises many options to debate especially when those on the 'top table' in contributor support don't communicate...maybe they have nothing to say or might be too busy with web development issues, sales growth, pleasing the buyer...who knows but to Heidi it is important as no one deems her important enough to reply and protect her property...just trying to be supportive and empathetic to her needs that's all Authentic Creations...aren't we all in this together?
  13. Matylda Laurence

    ... no answear :-(

    have to agree Laurin I don't speak much on the forum but read what appeals each day...and despite various ideas and comments do think something bigger than we might determine is in the offing. Just look at the state of social media, banking with all its inherant scams and frauds...companies being traded for high or low values depending on one's POV. The tussle between Twitter and FB to me in my humble opinion the inferstructure is growing expidentially and people have more pressure in the work place to achieve sometimes very unrealistic targets. The children's verse...'Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall...? comes to mind so is history about the rewrite itself as the Tower of Babel topples to begin civilization again...? but whatever the reason to be the biggest on the world stage isn't always the best so Laurin with all your experience some of the comments made may certainly have a sprinkling of truth. Nothing to do with sales going up and down because we don't work harder or smarter, it is just the market bulging with media stuff and too many freebies maybe...?
  14. Matylda Laurence

    Sales drop in recent months

  15. Matylda Laurence

    Doom & Gloom 2

    hi I think you have misunderstood my point ... I am not buying into the doom and gloom just stating a fact when suddenly the sales stop! I sell plenty of variety and to some really interesting places on the map and as has been said before keywording is so important too to get found in amongst the pile of ever increasing images. I now only take photos on my iPhone if I think they will sell as editorial too much art stuff out there now. Have very talented artist friends that I am happy to promote as a creative project manager and yes they sell and have followers but just type in art posters and art for sale it is page after page. And yes I have been in the 'industry' for many years and seen much talent come and go. My focus now is on 2D animations for kids (nice stuff) utilizing other creators who are talented in their portfolios and managing the team. Thank you though for your kind words and hope all goes well in your creative world best Matylda