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  1. yes appreciate all your comments and I did last week have an OD for $2.95 but that is extremely rare now seems to be a mixed bag of experiences so happy for those that do get approved without too much fuss 😀
  2. I knew I shouldn't have bothered but decided to upload 4 editorial and all rejected for noise/focus literally within seconds of hitting the submit button..so that's it for me. will carry on uploading to AS and DT where I am now making some sales..bye bye SS I did try but for a 10 cents as the bottom line my time is worth more than hoping to catch out a BOT...I do feel encouraged when others can get it submitted though so feel you pain Brian here on SS
  3. great job well done keep us in the loop...I'm just putting together a second batch to try again very encouraged by your achievement
  4. thought I might just buck the system and try and upload 2 images one as commercial and the MR rejection so tried another of the same batch as editorial and got the usual focus noise...not even angry this time as nothing has changed since BOTS rule the roost although just for fun will try once more tomorrow but wont be surprised at the outcome...maybe I will go and wash the car instead!
  5. thanks Linda will give that a try 😃
  6. thanks for your thoughts as they are topical (mask wearing shots) will spread the chances and see what happens although I don't think SS will accept the MR as it isn't one of there's or am I wrong in this supposition?
  7. Just had my SS email link to what is wanted here...but it was the last statement that turned the screw rather: Cash in on Your creativity? Yesterday I did a model shoot in my local town with a Chinese friend who was happy to work on this together to get some modelling experience and have images for a possible portfolio. No money changing hands just a good cup of coffee outside the riverside hotel. Do I upload here for a possible 10 cents? or DT where I have been uploading but no sales to date yet selling here but cheap cheap and cheaper still. Interested in your comments on this scenario please thanks Matylda We’ve paid out over $1 billion to our contributors. Upload your work and start earning
  8. yay just got an OD for $2.95 downloaded in UK long time since this happened though cheered me up a bit! LOL just noticed it took me over my payment threshold too!
  9. hi Milo J had to give you a smile emoji and keep the glass half full 🍸
  10. same here just 2 subs might just make a payout this month yay !!
  11. well someone liked it just never know what's in the buyer's mind and why we upload what we think might sell...good to have a sale though 😃
  12. same as Wilm's earlier post...am gradually deleting images and not uploading for months selling mostly subs now and have a small port but don't mind as the stress of re-uploading is no longer an issue but won't get to my monthly payout threshold either, although if it was at the 'before' price would have at least been able to pay my phone bill. Good to hear some of you are getting sales for your videos. Not something that I will do seriously as bit late for me to buy equipment so am focusing on other projects. Ah well month end and weekend upon us again!
  13. well I hope you get in...Alex encouraged me to try again and also read up on his newsletter. Have to say that some of mine are similar to yours vertical and a focus but not what they wanted and replied within a couple of days. Think I will try once more and think outside the box as my thinking like a book designer was not the way to go...still is a learning curve
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