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  1. Keyword Tool

    when the photos show up once uploaded you will see the thumbnails. each side is a tick box and once ticked the right handside panel displays all the data you need to add in ie title and description, catergory and then at the top right side click into the keyword box. Add your keywords - your own or those offered below but if you try to spam or use too many of the same it will remove them as invalid keywords. as you type in each keyword(s) chosen add a comma and hit the enter key then can save repeat with ticks in other boxes on left of thumbnail image or you can click the multiselect button on the top right but need to do this 2 times and then will see you can add data that is common to all images. but the keyword suggestions only seem to work when one image is ticked. hope this helps Mark
  2. okay take your point Maxal and pending working now but will send my POV to Jon too all done and seems to be saying what everyone else is saying too let's hope...
  3. Maxal maybe a reviewer who can read English in my English titles that the word 'spinning wheel' is a genuine word ha ha and seem to have lost my pending images from earlier in the for me just little bugs to mend before the big ones would help and reviewer consistency oh and yes file transfer error on the increase too thanks again hey found 6 in pending and get this message when I click on the tab You have no pending content Earn more by uploading more of your work. this must be the Tuesdays bug me thinks... gotta have a laugh!
  4. File Transfer Error

    Just to add some in a batch of mine I uploaded yesterday have been rejected this morning with error message? Alex please can you fix the bug? Time wasted again
  5. Resurrecting old photos from film or slide negatives

    what a great thread for the forum and Laurin some great fine art prints there...still have some filters in a box somewhere ah the memories of walking miles and miles just in case that shot came my way...actually think I did most of the bridges on the Tiber each way in the days my legs would go forever LOL
  6. Resurrecting old photos from film or slide negatives

    Simone all my uploads are from scanned film and slides that's what the agencies and publishers wanted those days (offices had artistic directors!) the only other camera I have is my iPhone for those in the moment shots. Both sell on SS. As Laurin said you need a top scanner to do this successfully- I have a Nikon 5000 E Coolscan which was pricey when I bought it years ago and then I edit in old version of PS. So maybe I am a bit of a Ludite? Am working my way through my back catalogue built up over 20 odd years. For me I don't see the need to change to a digital camera as results are good for what I want to achieve at my time of life!
  7. lets discuss this

    very scary if is still out there for someone to harvest our data!
  8. lets discuss this

    hardly bother with it now so boring...and as already said can call or email people I know...also am thinking of closing my account as keep getting ads and videos of cats and dogs doing things! Think it's past it's sell date...

    is this your first submission to be accepted by Shutterstock? if yes use link for guidelines hope this helps
  10. No sells from the past 30 days

    hello Worledit may I just add something too...the above comments are so true and the competition is fierce but think about where you live in Spain...everyday I read online newspapers and also what is trending or likely to trend in the coming days. Spain like many places has its own problems as we do here in the UK. Could you follow a news story that hasnot peaked and add to it...or maybe add a new angle. Start with the idea and follow it through. Could there be places, schools, buildings that might be under threat of demolition? a new road? human interest story. Lauren will say that having people in the image is good too and if you can't get a release use as editorial. To begin sit in your local market, the coffee shop, go to the library and read the notices, talk to people and get reportage news. All it needs is one good idea and then run with it. I won't make a living selling on SS but it gives me a useful platform to sell my library stock and project manage other things besides. If I can be of any more encouragement please PM me and will try to give you support. That's what we do here even when the feedback is not so good...keep going
  11. $10k

    nice one Moosey...I started last July and although my port is small am making sales from stock that I took years ago but seems not to have have given me encouragement to keep making steps and see where it leads in a very competitive buyer market
  12. Suggested keywords are a total joke

    +100 had the same experience and not helpful at all in fact bots are working overtime as everything I submitted last couple of times is reviewed in a few hours and rejected with noise, posterization and focus points for images that need a bit of artistic license due to subject matter so won't bother to submit much at all as returns so poor for my time and effort ...can't beat the bots!!!
  13. approved disappeared

    hi Michaela you probably did this but maybe try changing to newest in your catalogue as sometimes I had to do this to find 'lost' images that seems to have gone from the system unless another bug has surfaced... hi seems another forum thread already talking about this...
  14. What is wrong with these images?

    ironic really that personal privacy is now a hot topic and yet everyone uses the phone camera, uploads stuff to the world, has dash cams to record every journey and yet if we set the lens at someone or something some bod comes along and asks for ID or as you say Whiteaster gives us the 'eye' ...
  15. What is wrong with these images?

    thanks from me too Laurin as I'm happy to keep learning some editing skill...hope things in Hollywood are going good too...