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  1. I often listen to audio books on Youtube and might give some idea of cover styles - just a thought...
  2. yes I just move on and usually then to DT and P5 but haven't uploaded here since rate change as too many noise and focus suddenly and not got time or enthusiasm to keep uploading. Not been on the other sites long but made some sales that make up so far the loss here though ...
  3. yep totally agree I haven't uploaded since the price changes as way before I felt we were training a new generation of bots...so for mostly 10 cents would rather not bother and have been getting accepted on AS DT and P5 so for me not a problem although on SS had a $1.47 and $0.20 for a couple hey ho!
  4. Alexandre a large number in my port editorials are from my iPhone 5s and were readily accepted until the silly focus and noise rejections. Some of which are my biggest sellers. I don't bother now for a base of 10 cents although I had a 31 and 23 cents sub this week which I think is because at the time of taking them they were current and as often said if the buyer needs that image then it is sold ...
  5. my thumbnails are opening in Chinese but there is an English tab next to it but have to do this myself to revert to English interface ...?
  6. just had a read of many comments Steve and then stopped as is so negative...the general malaise is across the board. Farbled comment said it all for me. Wanted to trade in my Canon kit for a DSLR but no camera exchanges interested anymore. The only images I take are on my iPhone 5s if I happen to see something worth taking which is usually editorial. So will get on and finish a long time book project and edit a huge back catalogue of photos from the last 25 years. Had no luck with book cover agencies although tried twice and don't feel motivated to try again at this stage. Someone mentioned t
  7. Hi Dave this has been going on for months general consensus is to keep uploading until they get accepted but I gave up in June after the price dropped to 10 cents. I did try 2 editorial images which are current to the topics in news at the moment and still noise and focus issues and they were fine as were accepted by DT and P5 - my thoughts are 2 things here it is a bot (badly trained IMHO) and or SS just don't want anymore content and are cherry picking? anyway this is just my personal take on it...
  8. well done especially in these challenging times 😀
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