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    Keeping up with life's challenges...at the moment rebranding my old website and developing new animation content...completing a first children's science fiction fantasy novel and upload to Amazon maybe...? Monitoring streaming sales for current animation "Willow Finds a Friend"

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  1. so have I but it doesn't work like that unfortunately...check out other forum posts on this to get more info...
  2. yay just had a 10 cents on a WEEKEND!!! so my august sales have started in earnest...never mind have made my first sale on AS since uploading a batch in July ...
  3. IMHO - from experience AI doesnot like rain, fog, mist or any image unless it is pin sharp and focal point is dead centre ...maybe another contributor can help you round this style of image
  4. Rob there is a saying "hope springs eternal" here's hoping ... just trying to bring some humour into downward spiral..
  5. Hi Rob not a problem but thanks for reply...maybe the site is a dead duck? best M
  6. zilch so far...not gonna hold my breath...
  7. hello Rupan that is a very interesting question...I would love to earn that amount even approximately each month but there are for me two barriers to this 1. I don't have a very large port and mostly editorials and 2. I stopped adding to my port due to the constant rejections for silly reasons and the 10 cents payments from the original 25 cents...although occasionally I get maybe an OD etc the earnings are dire. So I have been deleting commercial images from my site that I think are worth more than a basic 10 cents and uploading to AS and DT who will also accept editorials and art based images into their data base...so there is my reason but wish you well in your hopes of achieving your goal...and the hoped for $500 a month...I am sure other contributors to the forum will add their personal thoughts too so you may get a more positive answer ...
  8. Hi Rob I haven't uploaded anything either but have been busy uploading to AS & DT...infact they are accepting much of the content that SS rejected these past months for noise focus etc...BTW could you enlighten me on where I can see the performance list thanks Matylda
  9. my thoughts are that this trend for AI rejections will make many like me not upload again in expectation of larger returns for my efforts...shame really ...
  10. due to the constant noise focus and chromatic rejections then the price drop I lost total motivation and didn't even bother to upload again...happy now that no longer stressed and shouting at what I instinctively knew to be a faceless bot...now getting accepted on DT and AS and just made a first sale on AS after a recent upload...no more stress and feel my world is turning again and things moving forward...here on SS am trying to get to a payout but oh so slow ...
  11. morning news ... https://www.insideimaging.com.au/2020/shutterstocks-reverse-robin-hood-sees-share-price-soar/
  12. Just had my first image sale on AS for 33p started uploading on 23rd May (the sold image I uploaded a few days ago) since the drop on SS...and agree uploading process and keywording is no problem at all...reviews are getting faster too. So onward and upwards now have 102 accepted many of which were rejected by SS and as they are become live on AS am removing from SS...didn't want to but 10cents is derisory ... no sales yet on DT but very happy with acceptance rate and the fact they take editorials...😀
  13. Hi Sari don't mind not having a spider day although have plenty of corn spiders checking out my bathroom...but thanks Sue Rae for that will be useful am sure...tongue in cheek maybe " what can peeps buy for 10 cents " enjoy your day
  14. Hi If you go to your landing page where the map and number of downloads are recorded on my computer there are 3 links just above this number which says level
  15. well done nice feeling...not one that I have enjoyed for some time now...
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