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  1. Matylda Laurence

    Paypal payment

    Hi had the email to tell me was waiting for me to click accept in Paypal but just checked and nothing showing up yet but remember reading somewhere can be middle of the month so wonder if the email ahead of the actual payment watch this space ...
  2. Matylda Laurence

    Map link

    thanks Paula another bug then LOL
  3. Matylda Laurence

    Map link

    Anyone having map download link broken...had SOD and location showed one time then no more although info on earnings page thx M
  4. Matylda Laurence

    Sales are missing

    thanks for communicating Alex...
  5. Matylda Laurence

    Sales are missing

    just checked my map and no update on number of sales...am using desktop PC with Firefox browser 🙄
  6. Matylda Laurence

    504 gateway timeout

    yes fine now and made some sales today so happy day...
  7. Matylda Laurence

    Rejection - edit or re-upload?

    thanks Tom good to know
  8. Matylda Laurence

    Rejection - edit or re-upload?

    Hi Steve forgive me it you know this already but if you click the box to select your rejected image you can copy and paste your keywords into your reuploaded images which does save time also even though you can do this for the titles you can see what you did put in the description box...I uploaded only one today and that was rejected for File transfer error seems that bug is still contagious LOL...
  9. Matylda Laurence

    Upload Issues..?

    Hi Elio this has been an ongoing issue for some weeks now and only mentioned in the post so others could see not just their problems M
  10. system overload and can't cope?? but not missing the endless emails but have noticed the rejected total is being cleared from being fairly static for months (house cleaning for room?)
  11. Matylda Laurence

    Upload Issues..?

    uploaded 7 yesterday 4 accepted and 3 rejected with File Transfer Error again so annoying so not fixed yet
  12. Matylda Laurence

    Are there any issues with the earning number?

    Hi Alex everything in my port now functioning even uploads and pending...
  13. Matylda Laurence

    Are there any issues with the earning number?

    same sales on map but not on totals
  14. Matylda Laurence

    Don't like my Photos

    just don't know as when I edit my images prior to uploading my prep is always the same infact I had 3 out of a batch of 6 rejected with a File Error message...there is no pattern or reason as far as I can make out
  15. Matylda Laurence

    Don't like my Photos

    unfortunately Tom this does happens all too often and is part of the ongoing bug list...