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  1. Bug in the Pending File

    +100 even better if I could get a few sales and make the 100th download in my first 12 months Alex!
  2. Bug in the Pending File

    My images have now gone from the pending file, not sure where but maybe the bug has been zapped? anyone else had similar that 0 = 0 in pending
  3. Bug in the Pending File

    me too was confident that Alex comment would resolve this pronto! Please Alex what it is expected time to begin uploading again. Also you said to leave images in pending (I still have 8 from days ago) will the reviewers see and clear these? be good to know and have more info thanks
  4. Images with "Lorem Ipsum" text rejected

    Hi Maxal could re pose with image reflected in office window? sitting beside a mirror so is back to front? reflection to throw text into soft focus? just a thought. Interested in the thread as is good way for me to learn from others doing other creative stuff...
  5. Sales in one bunch

  6. Bug in the Pending File

    great Alex confidence restored in tech team
  7. amazing drop in sales

    great for you Doug well done - at least the SS website is still seen by someone out there!
  8. Bug in the Pending File

    Hi Sonia last time this happened had to delete and redo! Hope Alex reads our threads?
  9. Bug in the Pending File

    still have first batch in pending from upload on the 11th Jan . In fact took days for 10 out of 18 (2 batches) to show. Seems like the 8 I first uploaded are stuck in limbo!!! So Alex the bug is becoming serious for us all. Having to do work twice is very annoying. Seems as though to delete and redo is a waste of time with others writing on the forum now. Grateful if you could sort out. I take it that the reviewer also sees a 0 in pending or gets no notice of images waiting to be seen. Have they said anything about the drop in images to review? thanks in anticipation of a good outcome (need a strong coffee!)
  10. amazing drop in sales

    Theory? did all the disruption with the 'new' changes of interface and algorithms for us cause the buyer to lose confidence with bugs too their end. Also who they might be following, favourite buyers, too many to choose from go else where and then found they prefer other microstock sites? Especially when the trend is more and more online graphix and visuals used in the industry and people in general with less time to generate their own and need to shop? just a thought.
  11. Doom & Gloom 2

    yep still got batch stuck in pending which shows 0 - only 10 eventually filtered through and the first upload hit by the dreaded bug!! so will delete and do again...seems to be a pattern here near the end of the week (any connection)
  12. amazing drop in sales

    Checked this out from a dictionary ..."The tipping point is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development...Marketers see it as a threshold that, once reached, will result in additional sales. In some usage, a tipping point is simply an addition or increment that in itself might not seem extraordinary but that unexpectedly is just the amount of additional change that will lead to a big effect" - think Butterfly Effect (chaos theory) my thought being....with so many images 'stock-piled' is there a tipping point, a moment of imploding? Can this speed of growth be maintained? So are we in a marathan or sprint race to the top or the bottom of something new as the butterfly beats his wings...
  13. amazing drop in sales

    yes Mike a marathon is the likely scenario here but a year in anyone's life is a long time in a media world that is constantly changing at a its maybe "keep up...keep up..." or can someone inspire and trend forecast - or try to stick the pin in to find the donkey's tail? (childhood game me thinks)
  14. amazing drop in sales

    Amir have to agree with Laurin great port and love the video of the red poppy and bird song. Also as Laurin and others have 'sung' on many occasions the payout is dire! Would anyone actually upload their best work for 25 cents? Makes you think! This month had 1 on demand and 4 subs for a a tolerable start for my small port and last week dead. Still waiting for pending now at 10 to catch up with reality of 18 which have been waiting for longer than normal for review. Would love to be a fly on the wall at the upper team meetings...and as Martin says some indication of of stats would not be an unreasonable starting point for 2018. In fact much better than the Twitter feed emails of trends and what is wanted by the world and its mother (always seems the same) - my thought for the day!
  15. Bug in the Pending File

    thanks Paula have uploaded another batch so let's hope. Still hate the invalid keyword snatch!!! 7 images out of 18 now show up in pending hope the rest are found! Seems bugs are taking over the interface!