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  1. csivasz


    Thank you. 2 desk lamp
  2. csivasz


    Thanks. It was the 2. setting angle. There is also another image of this clock front angled. Used 2 expo for better sharpness.
  3. You aren't the first i heard it from.
  4. I guess it means you think these are not commercial. Thanks
  5. csivasz


    I'm curious about your opinion. Quality, chance of sales.. Thank you
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm new as contributor and in making photos and would like to read about your opinion of my pictures. I know it is a little portfolio. I'd like to know if i follow this line ( i mean isolated pictures), will my portfolio hopefully make money, or should i change to another way? Anyway, still has isolated pictures commercial value? Thank you for answer. csivasz https://www.shutterstock.com/g/csivasz?search_source=base_gallery&language=hu&page=1&sort=newest&safe=true
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