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  1. I love this forum! I learned a lot. THANK YOU ALL. My white background editing in PS will be much more effective. I wish you all the best light to your lenses! By the way. Recently I submitted swiss army knife. Photo was rejected. This is the reason: Title / Keyword Trademark: Title and/or keywords contain trademark issues (e.g. brand name, company name, etc). I used this description and keywotds: Many task army knife. Multi tool pocket knife. pocket, knife, scissors, army, tool, stainless, swiss, multipurpose, screw, red, multifunction, blade, multitool, penknife, compa
  2. Thanks again guys. The funny thing is that I have changed my monitor in order to make better photos and I achieved the opposite. I used to have old Dell 1920 x 1080px monitor and didnt have this kind of problem. Never mind, calibration and your advice in PS editing will solve it.
  3. Thanks alot guys, I definitely will try all of your suggestion. I start with a calibration . Let me just add up some info: I bought my monitor roughly 2 years ago /Benq GW2765/. Since monitor was new, I haven't touched it. After a few months monitor gave me an eye strain, so I cut down brightness and contrast a bit. I did that twice. When I set monitor back to the default, the problem persists
  4. Hi everyone, I edit a photo in photoshop. Background is crystal clear on my monitor. I submit a photo, photo is placed in my portfolio and then I see what I missed to erasure. Doesn't anybody experience this. I played with brightness and contract on my monitor, no success. Any help highly appreciated. Thank a lot. I hope you are going to see it on enclosed photo
  5. SOLVED! On document properties window i did not resize page to drawing or selection, thus default page was underneath, since new page was 5000 x 5000px.
  6. I just found up, that if I used default inkscape working page, and save it as .eps there is no square-rectangle object in the file, while opend in illustrator. BUT If I pick 5000 x 5000px working page I get image with a redtalnge outline default page. How to delete this page, what I dont see in inkscape? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, please forgive me my ignorance, but I struggle with a square outline on a vector. I set a page to be 5000px x 5000px. I increased my white working area accordinly. I save it as a .eps file. But when I open a fineshed vector in an Illustrator I see square outlines there., while this outline is not visible in inkscape. Obviesly something went wrong. I tried everthing. Any advise, help appreciated. Thanks a lot
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