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  1. Hi everyone, I signed in July 2017, my tax form W-8 has been approved shortly after that. This W-8 form is filled out ones and for all, or every year? Should I submit any other us tax form at the end of the year 2017 as non US citizen? I just did my taxes in my home country, but since I did not experience the end of the year in SS, I do not know. Thank a lot.
  2. Thank you all, now I've got it. And why I used the filter? I like to experiment, especially with textures. So I wanted to start to use various filters. I appreciate your advises a lot. As far as top images is concern i will do it over.
  3. OK, thanks a lot. One question though: How do I submit that original-reference photo? To special folder, attachment? Or I write to the description: Reference image to illustration this and that? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, a few days ago I have submitted an image of mountain with oil painting filter on to all major players and they all rejected it. SS wrote: Post-Production Technique -- Image contains quality issues due to cloning, isolation, or other post-production techniques. Adobe rejected it because: non compliant content...etc. Question: How am I suppose to submit an image to SS with artistic filter on it? I never done that before. Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks Mike. I just want to try it. I will be lot of marketing work and maybe no result, but worth to try. I start with social media.
  6. Hello everyone. I am a newbie and I would like to know whether I can sell on my website the same images what I have approved on Shutterstock? Thanks a lot.
  7. Hello there, I singed up yesterday and wanted to upload my first 10 images for reviewing. 4 images went thru and 6 of them had short description error/. After correction I couldnt upload them. In my profile it says: 4 images will be review within 3 days. Is this standart? Why not 10 photos, thus I have better chance? Also, can I upload the same images to the other stock sites, ones they were excepted on shutterstock? Thank a lot
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