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  1. Mike Kuhlman

    Jenuary Downloads

    It's below normal. But I had a November last year that was above normal, so it averages out.
  2. Mike Kuhlman


    Stock is a numbers game. Try adding a couple 00s to that 14 items, 1,400 items. 1,700 items was the breakthrough for me, the number of items that began producing consistent daily sales If 3D video graphics take too long to create that volume of items, try submitting still images and vectors, items that are quicker and easier to produce. I don't know if Breaking News logos are going to sell. News networks already have their own custom logos.
  3. Mike Kuhlman

    Jenuary Downloads

    As of January 20, from a port of 2,700 images, 25 downloads, all subs.
  4. Mike Kuhlman

    A few things to pass some time.

    Thanks Laurin. I'm at my boring second job and needed something to pass the time! That SNL skit is hilarious! Bankrupt or not, Kodak IS still selling motion picture film, 35mm, 16mm and Super 8, albeit it is a niche market. In the 35mm game, some movie directors still prefer the look of film. Christopher Nolan even shoots 65mm IMAX and Quentin Tarantino tried his hand at Super Panavision 70 for Hateful Eight, although that project, with its largely claustrophobic log cabin interior, was the wrong story for that super-wide format IMO. It needed some wide exterior vistas, maybe a horse chase! If Kodak would release a below-$1,000 scanner that could transfer Super 8mm, in better quality than the Reflecta and Wolverine, sprocketless, to go over frames with splices and torn sprocket holes while maintaining perfect frame alignment, I for one would buy it. I've got reels and reels of precious memories on Super 8 movie film I'd like to transfer to digital. I realize such a product is yet another niche market. Right now, it looks like the only serious contender with those features is the $6,000 Retro 8.
  5. Mike Kuhlman

    DJI OSMO POCKET...Looks interesting

    That's cool, Jim. Except for cycling, I'm not into extreme sports either. I'm mainly planning to use the Hero 6 to get smooth, elegant dolly, arc and crane shots at weddings. Occasionally I'll use the Hero 6 to chase my sister's kids around and jump in the pool with them, underwater and with the water lapping the lens. I got an underwater housing for it for extra dryness insurance. Yeah, the Hero 7 has even smoother image stabilization, but I've read it gets very hot and oohh--does it drain its battery fast!
  6. Mike Kuhlman

    DJI OSMO POCKET...Looks interesting

    I just got the GoPro Hero 6. Its image stabilization is quite good. Mounted to my main video canera at weddings, it will be totally smooth.
  7. Mike Kuhlman

    Uploads to other microstock sites

    Yeah, AS seems to have a totally different set of acceptance criteria than here, which is cool, because, while they rejected some images that were accepted here, they accepted a whole bunch of others that were rejected here, like a whole series of bike light against traffic images at night I'm particularly fond of lol. Contributing to multiple sites is like multiple the bang for the buck, getting several differing portfolios out of the same shoots, not to mention multiplying our chances for sales success!
  8. Mike Kuhlman

    How are your video sales doing?

    Nonexistent. No sales for the last 9 months. But I've only got around 50 video clips.
  9. Mike Kuhlman

    Uploads to other microstock sites

    I submit exact same photos to different sites. The good news is some photos that were rejected at one site get accepted at another, and vice versa, so the portfolio varies somewhat from site to site.
  10. Mike Kuhlman

    The most popular egg in the world

    It's priceless, like the Faberge.
  11. Mike Kuhlman

    Rejected image (Boring, yes I know)

    It's the shape and style of the camera body that indicates what type of camera it is.
  12. Mike Kuhlman

    How do I get clear photos from an old DSLR?

    Shutterstock and their customers like images sharp. Use a high enough ISO, with an "acceptable" amount of noise (my Canon 5D Mark III has NR, which allows an ISO of 1000 with almost no noise), to use a small aperture, of at least f/11 if not f/16, and a shutter speed of at least 1/250th of a second if not higher. If the light is too dim to allow for these settings, don't shoot, wait until the light is brighter.
  13. Mike Kuhlman

    SHOW your latest Black and White image

  14. Mike Kuhlman

    SD Card Recovery After Formating

    Sorry, I can't think of anything. As far as I know, once an SD card is formatted, all data is wiped out. Moving forward, back up your stuff from SD card to hard drive(s) OFTEN!