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  1. Mike Kuhlman

    Are all satisfied with SS performance ?

    SS is nowhere near producing the sales I'd hoped for with a portfolio of almost 2,600 images, so I could be a lot more satisfied, but a few of my images keep selling steadily, and residual imcome was the goal, so, for that, I'm grateful. As far as AS, I've only got about 129 of my images images here there, so, until I've got the same 2,600 images there as here, it's impossible to compare sales performance from the same images at different agencies. A few images there are selling a lot better than here, and vice versa, so, different customers, different strokes for different folks.
  2. Mike Kuhlman

    I cant get the keywording tool to work at all

    In "Select 3 Images Similar to Yours", I click "Copy to Clipboard", then go back in the submitter screen, right-click in the empty field ABOVE "Suggested Keywords", then left-click "Paste", then left-click "enter" on my keyboard, which makes the keywords appear down below, where they should go. Works for me. I think you're not clicking "enter" after "paste". I was making that mistake too, then realized the error of my ways.
  3. Mike Kuhlman

    Beginner friendly SLR

    Canon t3i
  4. Mike Kuhlman

    New Book by Our Own Farbled!

    Cool! Need a narrator for the audiobook? Post it on ACX. I'll audition for it.
  5. Mike Kuhlman

    Portfolio on criticism

    Looks good to me! It's obvious you and your wife are very much in love! Maybe just do a few more off-centered, where you and your wife are way down lower-left and lower-right in the frame, to allow room up top for ad copy text or other graphic elements.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/GoPro-HERO7-Black-Waterproof-Streaming-Stabilization/dp/B07GDGZCCH/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1542160143&sr=8-5&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=gopro+hero+7 They probably don't list the size of the sensor because it is pitifully small.
  7. Mike Kuhlman

    Looking for help getting a stabilizer.

    Before you go the gimbal route, the GoPro Hero 7, for $399, has phenomenal HyperSmooth image stabilization. The GoPro Hero 6, now available refurbished from Amazon for $299, has image stabilization that is almost as smooth as the Hero 7.
  8. Mike Kuhlman

    Enhanced download

    May 2017. I had 3!
  9. Mike Kuhlman

    Should I buy Yashica Electro 35 FC 35mm Film Camera?

    I wouldn't. Unless film stocks have drastically improved in the last 20+ years, 35mm is grainy and you'll spend all your time cloning out scratches in the image in film-to-digital scans.
  10. Mike Kuhlman

    SODs of november 2018

    Thanks, Simone. Hmmm...I'm using a smartphone...think that might be the problem. There is no right-click option, just touch item on screen and hold, which brings up 4-5 options. I can copy LINK but not copy image. Thanks though.
  11. Mike Kuhlman

    SODs of november 2018

    Hey, stupid question, guys: From a technical standpoint, how do you post the actual image here in the forums? I've tried all sorts of things and only copy/pasted the link.
  12. Mike Kuhlman

    When did you feel you were ready?

    Yeah, Laurin, MONEY is in the city.
  13. Mike Kuhlman

    A Sign of Life!!!!!!!

    Wow! Congrats! Nice! That plant IS a sign of life! The buyer of the image sure thought so! Ya just never know in stock...one person's ho hum is another's treasure! Let this be a lesson to anyone considering deleting an image, or their entire port: Leave everything up! I made close to $60 as a Single & Other on an image of a stupid No Parking sign! Ya just never know in stock... Hopefully this is a sign of times to come!
  14. Mike Kuhlman

    When did you feel you were ready?

    Laurin: Ah, depression--it's a killer, I know. I usually beat it with vigorous physical exercise. Sometimes I wonder if depression is simply one limiting one's mental and physical horizons. The countryside is really beautiful, but I'd go nuts of boredom just living there--I gotta get into the city once in awhile!
  15. Mike Kuhlman

    Black friday

    I'm definitely in the market for a GoPro Hero 6. Amazon's offering it right now refurbished at a pretty deep discount, $299 instead of the normal $399. Maybe, on Black Friday, they'll knock an additional $50 off.