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  1. If I remember correctly, about 35. Not much, but at least 1 download pretty much every day 5 days a week Monday through Friday, and not all were subscription, some were on demand and single & other, which paid better.
  2. 1,700 was the magic threshold number of images for me, when I started seeing a multitude of sales every week.
  3. $0 video sales so far September 2020, $0 video sales September 2019 too. I did sell a couple videos in July and August 2020 though, when there were 0 video sales in July and August 2019!
  4. DT, which ain't saying much, has paid $77.78 after 4 years on a port of 905 images. A___y has only generated $36 after 4 years on a port of 598 images. P5 has generated zilch, $0, after 4 years on a port of maybe 100 video clips.
  5. Doug, can True, Doug, and how do you know what effective, better than average keywords and descriptions are? Is this based on your own clips' past performance? Do you research the site's other contributors' top performers and use their keywords for subjects similar to your own?
  6. Here's a video I shot completely hand-held from my bicycle. GoPro Hero 6, wide view, image stabilization on. Nice smooth bike path, no tripod needed. H.264 and it got accepted no problem: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1031832230-deerfield-beach-florida--usa---june
  7. 1. If the video in PhotoJPEG was accepted and the video in H.264 (same clip?) was not, use PhotoJPEG. I have the Canon Mark III too and it shoots in .MOV. If possible, if you have a Mac computer for and software for export, use .MOV. I haven't had any issues with exporting video in H.264, but I have had issues with my GoPro SHOOTING video in H.264--sometimes smooth surfaces like clear blue sky have pixel blotches and posterization banding. It's intermittent, only happens sometimes. 2. No. You can delete audio in editing and achieve the same result, no audio. 3. Yes, post-process your videos so they look what you feel is their best.. The customer can always do additional post-processing if they so desire. 4. The only time I don't use a tripod is using a GoPro with built-in IS and I'm moving the camera in a dolly or some other type of move. It's kind of hard to use a tripod when physically picking up and moving the camera. 5. It's not a "bad" tripod (whatever "bad" means), it's just light-weight. Yes, hanging a backpack with stones to weight it down is a good idea. 6. Any kind of fluid head.
  8. Slow down to 50% with 30 fps timeline. I don't like to blend frames--you get double-frame, stuttering motion and other artifacts.
  9. Maybe she's braless and her nipples are showing?
  10. I don't mind keywording either, especially since I'm a bit of a writer, since SS' keyword finder (click 3 images similar to yours) works pretty well, and since I've taken a break from shooting to submit most of the images and videos I've submitted here to AS. The shooting's already been done, so I can focus on the words. I simply copy/paste captions and keywords from here at SS to those same images and videos on AS, deleting AS' automated keywords altogether (their auto keyword function comes up with many of the same keywords as here and also throws in some real lulu nutso keywords that have nothing to do with the image). What's annoying is AS likes us to position the most relevant keywords first at the top of their 50 keywords list, whereas SS here just orders keywords alphabetically, so, on AS, we have to click and drag the most relevant keywords to the top of their list. It's ok--it just requires me to prioritize, think a little bit more, about what words best describe the image or clip. Usually, I just click and drag the 3 keywords that directly say what the subject is, letting the rest of the keywords fall like chips where they may.
  11. Smooth surfaces like clear blue sky and clouds are dead-ringers for JPEG posterization artifacts like posterization banding (if there are any). Maybe SS' bots are inspecting these images all the way down to pixel level, where posterization artifacts at 100% would otherwise not be visible.
  12. And I bet you're not complaining-!
  13. Yes, I've been experiencing the same on some of my clips, since I'm submitting in h.264 compression. Sometimes h.264 compression creates posterization banding on smooth surfaces like clear blue sky.
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