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  1. Mike Kuhlman

    selling audio only

    I heard somewhere SS sells music, but I'm not sure how either. I have sound-effects that I'd love to sell!
  2. Mike Kuhlman

    Recently started as a contributor

    Congrats! Nice clean simple images of varied subjects!
  3. Mike Kuhlman

    Upgrading my gear, but is it worth doing so?

    Just for stock? No. If you'll be using all this gear to shoot commercials or music videos where you can get $100s if not $1,000s per day? Yes. If anything, I'd spend money to market yourself in those arenas and/or get yourself a steady job that pays enough to cover whatever living expenses you've got plus this gear, so you can pay with cash and don't go into credit card debt.
  4. Mike Kuhlman

    Hyperlapses post production with After Effects

    Masterful work, Vittorio!
  5. Mike Kuhlman

    Anyone still doing film?

    I do like the exposure lattitude, the ability to hold detail in both the highlights and shadows, of film. Beyond that quality, 35mm, even 100 ISO, is too grainy. Give me digital any day. Now LARGER film formats, like 120, 4x5 and 8x10, produce gorgeous images, but film and processing are expensive as hell, plus you still have to clone out scratches, dust and other blemishes after scanning, too much work (for stock).
  6. Mike Kuhlman

    Question for the Pro Shooters! How much?

    Ignoring stock agencies' ridiculously cheap "promotional" prices, yeah, maybe price yourself 25% below "average" full retail prices stock agencies are charging clients. That should make clients interested in your clips bypass stock agencies and go directly to your site.
  7. Mike Kuhlman

    Question for the Pro Shooters! How much?

    Gorgeous clips! Good idea--cut out the middlemen, the agencies, and sell to customers directly! If your website generates you the kind of exposure, buying traffic, stock agencies do, great! I'm thinking look at what Shutterstock and other agencies charge RETAIL, to the customer, under SL and EL licenses, On Demand and other parameters, before they pay us our percentage, and charge in the neighborhood, the ball park, of that.
  8. Mike Kuhlman

    Come back ....... Barry come back. ....

    Mannilow (are we Fannilows?), White...or Blackburn?
  9. Mike Kuhlman

    Its My First

    Larger and more varied portfolio of other subjects besides just soap and food in bowls. Brighten up your exposure. Those images are too dark. There's some nice two-point lighting there, but the bowls are casting harsh shadows. Position the lights higher or shoot the bowls next to a large window where there's a lot of daylight coming in, for softer shadows and flatter contrast. When shooting the same subject, do different compositions, centered like you did, and then frame left, frame right, to accomodate an advertiser's text. Do some images where you get right down low close to the subject, almost at an even level with it. If your lens does macro, use it.
  10. What speed and type of modem are you people using? Ever since I switched to Xfinity maximum-speed cable modem for $60 a month, I haven't had a single upload problem.
  11. Mike Kuhlman

    Vertical Video - how to render?

    If your vertical video is 4K, you should be able to crop it within the black side bars and then render out a full-frame 16x9 without losing much resolution using a video editing program like Adobe Premiere or Cyberlink PowerDirector. Hope you used a tripod; otherwise the camera shake will be obnoxious.
  12. Mike Kuhlman

    Anyone still doing film?

    Only film I wanna do is transfer all my old Super 8mm movies to digital.
  13. With separate accounts, e-mail addresses, usernames, passwords and PayPal accounts, sure.
  14. Mike Kuhlman

    Maximum photos sold in a day

    I think I've hit 10 downloads in a day.
  15. Mike Kuhlman

    Maximum photos sold in a day

    Were they sold Enhanced License?