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  1. Mike Kuhlman

    Google to Shutterstock

    Natural selection, variety for the customer: May the best image win.
  2. Mike Kuhlman

    Leaving TV and Seattle...

    Welcome to Florida, Phil, where, outside of broadcast news, weddings seems to be the predominant video industry!
  3. Mike Kuhlman

    photograph image size

    Yeah, Donna, as long as the original photograph is 4 mp or larger, just upload it in its original native resolution.
  4. No. Unethical, immoral and just plain mean.
  5. Mike Kuhlman

    Question about rejection of selective focus images

    SS seems to like images bright and sharp. SS says "the MAIN PART OF the subject is not in focus" in their shallow DOF rejection message. How they determine what the MAIN PART OF the subject is is beyond me, and is debatable, but SS' house, SS' rules. It might be just a matter of the reviewer's personal taste at that given moment. I know when it comes to domestic animals like dogs and cats, the EYES, or at least ONE OF the eyes, if at an angle to the animal's face, has to be sharp. Autofocus tends to like to focus on the nose, so you might have to disable it and focus manually. This miraculously passed muster at an f/3.5, because the doggie's closer eye is in focus: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/small-yorkie-terrier-puppy-dog-perched-612908207 The doggie was in low light and I was already at 1000 ISO, so I couldn't use a smaller aperture without introducing slow shutter-speed motion blur. If you're shooting at a wide-open f/1.4, that might be asking for trouble. I usually just shoot all macros at at least an f/16. Then ENOUGH OF the subject up close is in focus to avoid that rejection.
  6. Mike Kuhlman

    Stop the Pop

    I've noticed this too. So many images here look overexposed, washed out and fake to me. Someone else's image: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/miami-beach-florida-usaaugust-9-art-149562044?src=BqfvXdHbNRIOLBpZ2D-vpg-1-6 Makes night look like day. My image same subject: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hotels-including-colony-boulevard-lit-red-672711112?src=aguymjmEo5I_HMRKKv5CJw-1-92
  7. Mike Kuhlman

    Hey! You With The Camera!

    Well, you'll probably get into a zoning dispute about whether it's a public street or part of company property, good luck with that.
  8. Mike Kuhlman

    Hey! You With The Camera!

    Yep. It's not a security officer's job to touch you, just give you a verbal order to leave. If you refuse, WE call the cops, let THEM touch you. If you touch US, WE prosecute YOU for assault. I don't particularly like being a security officer, BTW. I'm only doing it to make a couple bucks in between photography assignments and the aggravation has proven to not be worth the meager paycheck. That's why I attacked this stock photography business, but, surprise surprise, it too has proven to be yet another in a string of effort versus reward disappointments. I'm now moving on to narrating audiobooks.
  9. Mike Kuhlman

    Hey! You With The Camera!

    Ok, the POLICIES, the RULES come down from management, and there isn't a damn thing the security officer can do about them, if said security officer wants to keep his or her job, except enforce them, however stupid and nonsensical they may be. You don't like the policies, the rules, you sue the company that is creating and enforcing them.
  10. Mike Kuhlman

    First Sale!!!

    Congrats! Nice sunsets and birds! Which image sold? The word in your intro should be spelled amatEUR, not amatURE. Honestly, I wouldn't use the word amateur to describe yourself at all. You just made a sale! You're now a professional! Variety. No more than 3 images in a consecutive series of the same thing (I just deleted most of my images of American flags, keeping only the 2-3 cream of the crop that are actually selling). We just had a CUSTOMER post in here saying images of people WITH MODEL RELEASE (for widespread commercial use) sell best. This is not possible for some of us, because some of us don't work with models willing to sign their likenesses away, so... Transportation images sell pretty well for me.
  11. Mike Kuhlman

    Hey! You With The Camera!

    Yeah...for how much $$$ after lawyer fees? If we're talking million$, ok. If we're only talking $35,000 or so, that is not enough to burn your bridges with the security guard industry so no one wants to hire you again because you sued the last company you worked for.
  12. Mike Kuhlman

    Hey! You With The Camera!

    True. The laws come down from management. The security officer has to enforce them. It's BS but it is the way it is.
  13. Mike Kuhlman

    Hey! You With The Camera!

    Those damn security officers...oh wait--I AM a security officer--I resemble that remark! No pictures is a liability thing--they just don't want the establishment they work at to be spied on or get sued.
  14. Mike Kuhlman

    There is no more reasons to upload here .

    No kidding. I've all but quit.