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  1. Phallic symbol? I agree--the rejections are ridiculous.
  2. Beatcha, with $103.17 in one day, back in March 1, thanks to a Single & Other. Of course, that only happened ONE day lol.
  3. Right on, Doug--thanks. I'm going to shoot ground level POVs moving through people, structures and foliage, put the camera in the water with the waves lapping the lens, too.
  4. I haven't encountered this, but if the customer PAID for all of those 209 sales, sounds like a nice "problem" to have.
  5. Congrats on the continued success, Doug! I've got a bunch of ideas for time-lapses myself, especially storm clouds swirling in 1 frame per 2 seconds intervals when the rainy season returns in Florida. I've had to start a new 50-60 hour a week steady job to bring in enough immediate cash to live on, which is demanding all my time and energy. My priority right now is performing adequately at the job, getting enough sleep in between shifts and exercising, bike riding and working out in the gym, to stay healthy. The dream of enough residual income to live on and some money to save rolling
  6. The image is foggy, so it LOOKS out of focus, even if it's not. Re-submit. I think "stand out", "stand out from the crowd" and "standing out" are the problem, do not describe the image. Get rid of those keywords and re-submit.
  7. Hi Anna. Your images look beautiful to me. Just upload more than 400. It took 1,700 before I started seeing sales every week. Slow sales might also be because many of the subjects you photographed aren't in demand right now, due to COVID and/or economic factors. I've had good success with transportation-themed images. I see you've got a few of those (like the out-of-focus car headlights). Shoot more.
  8. OK!!! On 11/20, 2 ELs for $13.75 each!!! Gets me above $35 minimum payout! Thank you, SS and customer! Keep 'em coming!
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