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  1. What's working: I've seen some $.40 and higher subscription image sales. Strangely, $10 and higher video sales have gone up too. Before the change, I was lucky to get 1-2 video sales per year. Since the switch June 2020, I've been getting 1-2 per month. What's not working: The majority of sales are $.10s and $.11s. Overall download quantity has remained the same for me since before the switch, in the 40s per month.
  2. I try not to shoot anything macro below f/8.
  3. Thanks! And today, a video sale for $9.93! (pops cork)
  4. Then, the very next day, July 3, I got a $.63 sub and a $.73 sub! Ok...!
  5. Generally the last 4 months of the year are my best and the earlier 8 months of the year are my worst. I got lucky March 2020 when one image sold for $103.17, which, combined with other sales, made March 2020 my BME.
  6. I only got one $.63 and one $.73 so far as of July 4, but I've been getting A LOT Of $.40s, $.48s and $.56s from June 1 to July 4, the end result being my monthly income hasn't changed much since before the commission change.
  7. Yeah--we're still IN the pandemic. My microstock business has held flat, no change, the pandemic hasn't affected it one way or the other.
  8. This is making up for the $.10s and $.11s nicely! Anyone else getting these?
  9. I think there is, in the sense that the two words are grouped together, which narrows down the customer's search, makes the search more specific, easier. I use two-word combinations in addition to separate words.
  10. Noise, digital posterization or banding on otherwise smooth surfaces like sky. Those images look ok to me as far as that goes, but I don't have SS' trained eyes and software. I'm not sure if there is a way to fix it in post. Maybe others will have more insight.
  11. As of July 2: 5 subs for...wait for it...wait for it...57 cents total earnings.
  12. Mp4s are HEAVILY compressed. The compression artifacts invariably show up as posterization banding on smooth surfaces such as clear blue sky (or that out-of-focus green background in the clip above this post). More complex clips with a lot of detail slide through the acceptance process easier.
  13. Even with the reduction which "hurts", those are pretty impressive diwnload and $$$ earnings numbers for image and video ports under 300 files! Congratulations! For me, very little change in number of downloads from April to June, around 40 per month. Likewise, in $$ earnings, very little change from April to June, $20-$30 per month. I got lucky in March with 1 image sale of $103.17! I'm due for some more luck.
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