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  1. "The location field is optional for all asset types: photos, illustrations, vectors and videos. It should be used for identifying the location of the subject in the piece of content. Though this field is optional, it will be verified by reviewers if completed and must be relevant to the physical location and the metadata and/or the property release (if applicable). Be as specific as you can, selecting down to the region, town or even neighborhood of the content." - portfolio tools
  2. I had similar problems. That is a sensor spot.
  3. Maybe here is the answer. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4255474?page=2
  4. What does it mean illustration and rendering? I ask you. Do not put it just tell it.
  5. That about human regulation. We are more dangerous than nature.😉
  6. Keep your head up. 😉
  7. It may not download for a while, but it will come back.
  8. A part of SS survey toward the customers: Please rate the variety of products for you to consider. Please rate the fit to your preferences of the products you viewed.
  9. There are artifacts on the whole of the sky. Anyway this is a great shot. You could fix it and submit.
  10. Here is a plugin to check the focus for Lr users. The software is currently free. http://www.lightroomfocuspointsplugin.com
  11. I would first delete this photo from my portfolio. Don't reach anyone for free. I wouldn’t expect someone to do something that isn’t so.
  12. Otherwise about the similarity. If I check one of my photo in the portfolio I see there aren`t similar images with that. There can be seen the similar photos but those aren't similar with mine. My english isn`t the best but I don`t think I missed the keywords that much. What is the SS standpoint, please? Thank you. @Anna Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock @Kate Shutterstock
  13. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hand-washing-prevent-coronavirus-covid19-woman-1696430380
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