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  1. Yes ISO was high but it was very early morning and very low light, shooting with Canon 5D Mark IV, a full frame, I can usually get by with it but I always try to keep it low 100-400 range. I think my main issue was trying to crop to tight on the image in processing for a close up view and also not a real sharp shot. Thanks for your input.
  2. Photos were shot raw in low light used ISO3200 and processed in LR.....thank you for your comments.
  3. Well I just got my first sale on the new pay scale and I got a whopping .10 cents.......done.
  4. I have my export setting at 100 for the quality slider and 300 ppi for resolution but for highly cropped images like small birds my export file size is under 4mb so I set to resize and set at 15 megapixels and it jumps to 5 or 6mb. Would appreciate seeing every ones export settings so I can better understand it and know I sent the best quality photo to SS. Thank you
  5. Can you tell me what settings you use to export JPEG to SS? Recently I reset my Image Sizing to NO RESIZE and and 300ppi but I got a rejection on a highly cropped image that it was too small so what can I do to get the best export? I did do a resize on the cropped image and put in 25 MP and that did make the file acceptable for SS but did the quality just get destroyed? Images that were not cropped seem to work fine with just the 300ppi set and no resize. Thanks for any input!
  6. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/sweet-cats-dream-little-gray-kitten-507917938?src=UhhnhsXi2bxI-YqXiJyZFA-1-8
  7. Yes I can't seem to get an editorial accepted, tried correcting the problems and sending again and they come back with the same issues.
  8. Mine is still not working and I contacted them last week......please fix
  9. Thank you Paula, I will contact them.
  10. I just clicked on "my image portfolio" to see what would happen and it told me that page was not found. Would someone mind clicking on it and let me know if it can even be viewed? Maybe it is something I was supposed to set up and didn't or maybe one cannot view their own portfolio from the comments section. Thanks, still learning.....
  11. Barry B., Did you have to get releases for all the pictures of signs in your portfolio?
  12. Incredible landscapes....makes me want to throw away my camera!
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