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  1. Ironically, this is exactly where I'll end up with the way things are going...
  2. No issues that batch accepted at AS. Normally the skyline would be most interesting but wanted to link the recent winter storm in Madrid to the story but focusing on the snow. True, I overdid it with the blue.
  3. Slightly soft on all cases, what aperture are you using? Would still resubmit with no changes a few times to fool the AI.
  4. I’m so bored of this agency. It’s anti creative. oh and I probably won’t reach a payout on here for the first time since February 2016
  5. Not too far from this nonsense their AI is confused with deliberate bokeh.
  6. Mention on title “deliberate motion blur” on the 3rd attempt after AI filters to a monkey, I mean human
  7. Filomena came bearing gifts. Latest four accepted potential book covers at Arcangel. New opportunities can't come soon enough as it's pretty much game over at micros at <30cent RPI/download at lower volumes. Unsustainable. With this in mind, I've put together a guest post over at Stockstudio.io on Transitioning to Book Cover Photography, which I trust you'll find useful.
  8. I just reached Tier 2 and on my way to riches! First 100 images earned me a whopping $24.25. Compared to my first 100 images in 2020, 52.7% drop ($51.64) Compared to my first 100 images in 2019, 46.9% drop ($45.55) Can't wait to report on my first 250 downloads (beginning of Tier 3)! On my way to have a steak-lunch courtesy of SS 🤨
  9. At this pace I’ll miss a $100 payout for the first time since February 2016
  10. $1.29 ODD just now, feeling the tier 1 pinch
  11. I agree. 15 years with no sales is pretty much game over. In those cases, it can be worth it to deactivate and resubmit to the same agency as maybe a buyer sees in the "fresh" section or whatever they call it now. I've written a lot about images and shelf-lives. All images have shelf-life, some shorter than others...fashion for instance but then can be reinvigorated as vintage. It depends on the subject-matter. I'm well-aware of free sites and their dangers, but also their potential. 10 years from now the value of our assets will be even more diminished and we may even have to pay fo
  12. The free image once given away has zero value (other than some mickey mouse exposure), whereas any images for sale have the potential for much larger than 2cents. Those stupid micro sales on iStock do annoy me but I've had many sales on there for $60+ 2 cents or 10 cents is the same...all pennystock
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