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  1. I'm well thanks, much improved (can't say the same about my microstock income year-on-year though!). Would be great to sneak in some editorial shots if you can of your wife getting vaccinated! I'm sure those would sell but put them for sale where you're actually rewarded for the risk (assuming it's a restricted place).
  2. That works as long as you avoid uploading similars to micros. I've uploaded them this batch from yesterday, which was nice to finally get some fresh air after an annoying two-week bout with Covid (all healthy now)! Oh, also happy to report that I had a recent sale on Arcangel of some wine glasses and defocused bottles of liquor at a bar. I guess I'll find out at the beginning of next month how much I'll earn (surely more than 10cents )
  3. Speaking of flowers, here's a nice vlog of @Andrew Balcombe photographing flower fields in the Netherlands Brought me back good memories.
  4. Flowers can sell (such as the two below that have done OK but as u can see they are within an interest context) but why would anybody in their right mind spend their time shooting them when there are a million other things that sell much better and easier. To me it's just laziness and pure comfort zone thinking. Instagram likes won't translate in stock sales for the same images.
  5. If you want to go after the low hanging fruit, There are major news stories going on now in (Bahia State) Brazil related to the virus. Upload them as editorial and the dimes roll in. At least 1000x more commercially interested and useful than flowers and boring landscapes (which are terribly keyworded anyway so buyers will not find them).
  6. Make a design that you'll work for 10cents
  7. Yeah, lots mainly editorials but it seems like when there was a software upgrade it deleted one of the boxes about editorial caption/description. In any case, I'm putting most of my non-editorial, non-book covers over at Wirestock and editorials at Alamy RM for 50% potential royalties. Spreading it around to multiple agencies isn't as profitable as it used to be.
  8. Time for us to selectively choose better / more suitable agencies to upload our work
  9. Just published a fun brutally honest post on 7 reasons why Microstock Photography is (Probably) a Waste of Your Time.
  10. After many years of no issues with editorial captions, SS suddenly moves the goal-posts. Not worth the stress for peanuts.
  11. True, that business consists of both thieves and donkeys.
  12. Here's my infringement of the day Obviously it's an editorial and a business is using it to promote their services. Once it's RF and at micros, it's a losing game to chase infringements imo.
  13. It’s early days and I may just about reach a payout at the end of the month (so sad) lol
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