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  1. Alexandre Rotenberg

    My photos got rejected and I don't understand why

    I think it's safe to say that if any of us get ANY technical rejections by SS, this day in age where they accept pretty much everything, it must ultimately mean that the pic(s) is/are really shit from a technical level.
  2. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

  3. Alexandre Rotenberg

    My photos got rejected and I don't understand why

    Really? Difficult to see the icicles without looking at it at 100%.
  4. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Rejected Images

    Best news today! Looking forward to seeing some of your new long-exposure art
  5. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Need help for improve my portfilio

    How can a buyer ever use this? They'd never buy such a simple, boring/unoriginal shot with no commercial value. Also, what's up with the caption..."put things in blank area" is called "copy space" At least you're not stealing images and actually trying to improve. Nice to see a genuine newbie contributor as was getting jaded.
  6. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Another thief among us?

    Mine neither and we do have a bunch of editorials which make it less interesting for those clowns to steal. I guess the easiest are vectors.
  7. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    Yes, Brazilians are generally no picnic haha Here's a good start for SS on vetting contributors! Some margin of error but a start nevertheless!
  8. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    So true! Good indication of thieving ports (early images vs newer). Nobody improves in quality that quickly! Here's the idiot's pic on the left (no wonder he gave up) and for the 593035th time, they should have never accepted it. On the right, the stolen one.
  9. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Rejected Images

    Just tri harder!
  10. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    I wonder how this is working in practice: https://techfinancials.co.za/2018/05/17/say-goodbye-to-copyright-infringement-with-shutterstocks-ai/ Brutally honest guy sees right through all this corporate blahblah just to please shareholders/investors.
  11. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Rejected Images

    tripod A tripod is a three-legged support for a camera. Once you try using a tripod for taking photographs, your sharp, beautiful pictures might make it hard to do without it. A tripod is a stand with three legs that holds a camera. Photographers and filmmakers use a tripod when they want the camera to be held completely still, without the slight bit of shaking that their hands might cause. Tripod comes from the Greek tripodos, "three-legged stool," made up of tri, or "three," plus podos, "foot." The word tripod was used in the past to mean anything with three legs, including vessels, stools, or tables. source: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/tripod
  12. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    Perhaps I'm going down a dark dystopian path, but stricter checks on contributors from Indian i.p addresses (and other "high risk locations") may help to mitigate such issues.
  13. Alexandre Rotenberg

    I used catlog manager but nothing sell by it.

    And you never will, you fking lazy idiot thief!
  14. Alexandre Rotenberg

    Pick your favorite image from the person above you

    Really impressive wildlife collection. Loved seeing your work!