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  1. I'm close to reaching the "magical 10k" and my conclusion is that what sells is what the buyer needs. In other words, meet their needs with useful subjects and everything should fall in place. What are their needs? Simple, yet technically excellent, shots that communicate a concept. For instance, was out last with my ultra-wide angle lens and captured some street-signs out of the blue, literally. I didn't go out to shoot street signs, they just presented themselves while was killing time waiting for some people. These have already sold a few times and should for a while...why? I believe that they're generic enough to encompass all sorts of concepts. In this case, a generic concept is better than a more specific concept. More generic = more competition though, so how to stand out? Do something unique. I went ultra-wide angle and vibrant, maybe just good enough to stand out in the thumbnails. Keyword "do not enter sign" = 3,698 hits "do not enter sign, blue sky" = 467 hits "do not enter sign, flooded" = 37 hits Getting to the first page for more generic concepts is the goal..much easier with specific concepts (although less buyers). So try to offer both to buyers. Think about which keywords you're targeting and why. Know your competition. Feel free to copy these images to death! ---- Failing that, why not just walk down the high street / main street / avenida / corso / calle and shoot shop / store fronts with people walking past. Easy sellers, never for huge amounts but small and consistent. If I'm completely out of ideas of what to shoot (which is rare these days), I 'll do just that. With motion blur, even better, if possible. Joe is right, in a way, since I only figured out the above (and much more) by getting to 10k. Happy Sunday to all
  2. Chasing infringements on a RF micro license is a waste of time
  3. I do this all the time with my timelapses. Have never done with a real-time still.
  4. There are many such conspiracy theories, also that earnings are “capped “. Haven’t seen any concrete evidence to suggest that there’s anything sinister going on..
  5. Would u ever consider taking a great / best still from one of ur 4K clips to upload?
  6. It's all kinda random. Got some Venice cruise ship sales recently because there was an accident there (unpredictable). Was gay pride day and some shots I took last year at a parade in Milan sold (predictable) I don't pretend for a second that I can figure out if an image will sell but at this stage I'm pretty good at knowing what will def not sell.
  7. He already had the images up on a different agency. Nevertheless, it's an impressive work ethic!
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