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  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/valletta-malta-october-21-2017-sailboats-745844506
  2. I got accepted in February and sold this shot 7 weeks later. This was my first sale.
  3. Love the colours and the composition. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/red-pomegranates-market-stall-background-715759306?src=v8kNEswt3B4qgGrPaY5qoA-1-91
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/sunset-landscape-by-sea-650332048
  5. Hi Eric! I agree with you! It would piss me off just the same. That is something that we cant change unfortunately. But we could hunt them down like 'mandritoiu' The promotion in my group board can only contain the watermarked previews and all of them have to link back to SS! This way I do not facilitate any theft but help more people to find/buy our images. Well at least thats the idea.
  6. Hi Brian! I was thinking about this a lot before I started the topic. I was concerned at first but... 1, Everyone who would want to contribute in this group board WILL SHARE THEIR OWN work in it. We won't start going through SS and choose random shots. 2, SS has the share icons on every portfolio + you can share every single image on the site. It has built in by SS. So I wouldn't think it would be against any policy. What do you think?
  7. There are certain things you can't do here. Pinterest is full of bloggers, designers and every kind of company. This is like a huge craftbook where they keep stuff they like. They can't do that here. I wouldn't mind if they keep my shots handy. I did some thinking and some market research and this is my conclusion. You do not have to agree. You have 4 pages of well-lighted pier photos. I'm sure you are doing just fine...
  8. Hm. I guess that's a downside of that platform. Your buyers have the right to use your images on their blogs and on their social media as well. But once the image has gone viral I imagine that it's not easy to follow up and restrict all theft. Well, in my group it's obviously different coz we only use the watermarked images (previews). In case you would give it a try, you are welcome to join
  9. Do you mean Shutterstock or Pinterest when you say you searched the site?
  10. Wow...that's a lot! Are these your images used by other contributors as their own? How do you even find them? Do you look for your images in google 'search with image'?
  11. First of all: They won't use it for free, it is exactly like on Shutterstock. With the whole watermark on it. It is useless for them but they can appreciate the image, remember, save and Click -> buy. Second: I sold only for $12 coz I didn't start it 10 years ago when there was only a bunch of artist around + coz I do not promote it anywhere! Third: Shutterstock has BUILT IN share options on your portfolio and on every single image of yours. You can't prevent everyone from sharing your stuff. If it's up there, it's gonna be shared.With the watermark. There is nothing you can do about that. Of course... you might be right! Who knows? But I think it worth trying.
  12. I think it makes sense. A lot of potential customer has Pinterest accounts. Like interior designers, companies....and bloggers!!! They all have Pinterest. And they all need stock images. They pin everything they like...photos...ideas...colour schemes...spend hours on making "mood boards" etc. So if these potential customers already using this site...it makes sense to let them save our work into their boards. Of course, you are right about the time thing! We have just 24 hours a day on our hand...but I think it's worth trying out
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