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  1. I saw many of my photos being used by many companies in the same way,especially on social media.one person buys 1000 people uses even they are cutting and write their's wish on holidays,Happy Ramadan...etc,my money photos are the same.For the first purchaser, the watermark remove, making it easy to spread and use with tags each other (on facebook,online newspapers or twitter,ingstagram) and guess what?The value of the photos is decreasing ! I am not happy with it.
  2. Oh,ok i see .I cannot recommend anyone to upload new images with these prices,especially if the eyes are a problem ! Well,same problem for me,when i start here my glasses was 1.70 and today i am using 2.70 degree!
  3. by the way @Tony Dunn i had a quick look at your port 194 images are for very little micro stock photography.
  4. Yes,i agree @Tony Dunn for me, the sales of editorial are limited.I had many many photos from streets before i start this job but i did not upload them.I turned to conceptual,creative food photography and working most holidays,special days.etc.Most of my time is spent at the computer and most of my images are ready for use immediately after purchase.that is why I do not agree with this new payment plan of SS it is not fair. I think they will continue to lose blood. Thanks,hope you can find a way.
  5. I have not been uploading for a month right now, and i won't ! I won't upload until a new payment schedule is announced.Plus,i will deactive my port end of June and I'm getting ready to say goodbye here! I've been here for three years,I got 7,868 Downloads with 4.150 images and they put me on 4.Level but I'm behind even 2017 for sub sales ! 4 image was $1 on 2017 and today 10 images $1 dolar,it is funny 🙂 Yes, I got different sales in June and i will share them on the topic about June by @Studio 2 but my mind has not changed ! And i agree with @Jasmin Awad about quality,really right.Also i believe most campanies needs NEW ,FRESH and TRENDY qualty images.My daughter is in the advertising industry and often informs me, but creativity is a separate talent and I will not let the SS blind my talent. Best wishes to all from Antalya-Turkey Gulsen
  6. so we'll have to find a way then,we can not work with this prices! I am taking my titles and tags from here that i have not cvs of my images and i will pull my port when i finish it.
  7. I Hope this price policy of SS will not have a domino effect for other agencies
  8. Same for me.If Small size sale 0.27c,most 0.30 and wondering when i will get a different big sales that i am there since January-2020
  9. they cut 0.83 cents from my total payment but i do not care anymore because i am leaving soon.I think this must be what they want !
  10. I did not upload my new images since 13 days and i won't.Just i am waiting my MAY payment than i will leave.I won't cancel my port just i will pull it from sale Thanks for this topic.
  11. from $2.70 to 0.10 cent,great 🙂
  12. Just a got this mail from Depositphotos,i am there since January-2020 and minumum payment is $50 i had not a big sales only i had 0.27-0.30 cent and i will get my first payment soon. I have there 3336 images and they were invite me and they did my titles and tags that i had not CVS of images. Also i am in AS and DT,too.I hope this price policy of shutterstock will not have a domino effect. Here is the mail about FTP : " Dear contributors, We are getting ready for the process of switching to a new server. Your personal FTP-2 server (ftp2.depositphotos.com) will be temporarily unavailable. You will not be able to upload new files on 03.06.2020 between the hours of 07:00 and 11:00 UTC. We’re sorry for the slight inconvenience but we’ll be back soon! Best wishes, The Depositphotos Team"
  13. It will help more than close contributor's page.Great! Thanks for sharing
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