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  1. Hello Everyone, I read all your comments,thank you all.Just i got e-mail from SS and made me unhappy! I shared here with the figures that I was on the third level on 10 May.I am here since 3 years with hard work,really hard work.I was at the fourth level according to the incoming mail ! probably after 1 june I will be at the fifth level according to the new table. if everything will be reset every january,what does it matter what level we are ?Is it the sixth level in a year if I don't get it wrong?Impossible ! Maybe three- five big companies... I was stop upload since one week because they rejected my quality creative images.I uploaded them other agencies and they approved even sold! My images were entering from the tenth or fifteenth pages the year i came here but today images of new users are on the first pages,they are so lucky!They changed algoritmas maybe it is good for new images will help for sale.And maybe i can understand why so many images had rejected. First they reduced video prices and now our images! Great !! Finally i can say there is many stock agencies ! New earnings structure really unbeliveable !
  2. I took with f:11 and had reject but other micro stock sites approved all serie and publish my images.I am really confused about viewer of SS.I think They even want the powdered sugar "focus" on the ground !Although they clearly say they don't want an image, I don't waste my time here 😞
  3. I have two files on my computer :rejection and acceptance files since i start here.I put my images in them and I'm passing by and i do not want waste my time with sending them a second time. For me even sesame seeds are focus of had rejected image.Just beautiful and different,creative designs gone ! I don't want myself before the viwers, a wrong photo in my portfolio.I'm a professional, not an amateur.! Thanks for the topic.
  4. Absolutely I agree. Today, i got 3 rejection that film grain-noise and even was about "keywords" I really tired of double standart here.I am in 3rd level,more than sold 7.435 image and still "keywords" i had 5 image was waiting since couple days and they has been reviewed and 3 rejected 🙂 It is funny.Shutterstock's rejected photos are sold on other sites.I do not care anymore.I belive i am doing right since 3 years.
  5. Congratulations, wish you good sales
  6. Thank you so much @igor.kramar.shots Best wishes!
  7. Ha ha 😄 Ok,then.just let me know,im really serious,always welcome!
  8. Thank you so much @Milo J yes,you are really right,my medical album hadn't come in any way and I highlighted my medical album during these corona virus days and some medical photos were sold alongside dishs. Best wishes! Stay in safe!
  9. Thank you so much @Rudra Narayan Mitra Best wishes !
  10. Thank you so much @Steven Tritton i wanted share my results with every one. Best wishes from Antalya Stay in safe !
  11. Thank you very much @Rose Makin Have a great weekend
  12. Thank you so much @Evelyn de Waard i am sorry they made you hungry ! I promise you if you come one day Turkey,I will offer all of them but I can't promise that the weight will remain the same 😄 Stay in safe!
  13. Thank you so much@Patrick Cooper I really worked hard.Most of my sales are sub,With more than seven thousand sales, three thousand dollars is not equivalent to my labor but what i can do!maybe one day i will market my own photos.I was going to make 4K videos but I gave up after reading three dollars per video. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get an e-mail from SS. Best wishes Stay in safe!
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