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  1. You could use an app like like Adobe capture on your phone or imengine on an ipad to do this sort of thing, point the camera at a rough wall (or anything random) and just keep clicking save on every texture it makes. Strange thing to do full time for months or years on end though...
  2. That one usually has nearly 2 million mainly black abstract, smudgy grunge textures in it that look like they where generated from scripts or something.
  3. It's cool, I've tried this for upsizing, as long as nothing is moving it seems to work, also done it without the resizing and it works quite well for hand held shots inside really dark buildings, a lot of those horrible high iso effects vanish.
  4. Rejection for me rate has gone up to about 4% recently from almost nothing. I started in 2016 and I think the overall standards for acceptance are way lower then they where till they started accepting nearly everything. It's a bit annoying but ive found it's best to avoid submitting runs of the same subject in one go now. Maybe it is inconsistent but when you look at the complaints on SS fb groups with examples of utter clueless, pointless, wonky, fuzzy pointless, point a phone at any old crap rubbish they "dare' to reject its hardly surprising if that's where the base level of quality is...
  5. No, but sadly that's not that far off being usual with a lot of best selling downmarket English language fiction nowadays. But then proofreading is something else thats moving towards an outsourced badly paid business model...
  6. That's an 0.005% error rate, not a lot if it means anything....
  7. Hope you Re selling this as prints as well if you've spent that long on it 😊
  8. Cheers. Looking at your work... You bother with any print on demand stuff? It only takes a few a month to put ms earnings into proportion...
  9. Just had a look and I think your English descriptions are perfectly OK. There are a lot worse by people who speak English as their first language up there
  10. If this is from idef or some other military trade show IS wouldn't accept it anyway as they don't take newsworthy editorial. If that's what you mean. They also have totally different editorial criteria to SS when it comes to types of events. All the newsworthy and big event stuff goes to getty.
  11. Hi. No it won't transfer keywords that are not part of the controlled vocabulary, did you add ones it suggested? There are two ways to approach this, either go for the suitable keywords it suggests and hope for the best or look at similar images on their site and learn the idiosyncratic way it handles keywords and phrases, also if there are any location of specific object names you can't do, include them in the title. It's just more work submitting to them properly then other ms sites. Is it worth the extra effort? For me yes, it seems to vary a lot for different people.
  12. yet another portfolio of stolen images with that elephant herd picture. .. Cunningly flipped horizontally. Haha.
  13. Did the one in Leeds on Thursday and it took till the next morning, it's usually between 12 and 36 hours for editorial. If you want to do breaking news editorial this isn't the first place to post to (have a look at the credits in the media to see where they come from), stuff like that does sell on here though, sometimes months after the fact.
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