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  1. How do you think about canon 5d classic for stock photo

    My Canon 5D went through a lot and it's still ticking. Extensive time lapse photography in continuous shooting mode. Strapped to the roof of my car in continuous shooting mode. 7 hour time lapse in continuous shooting mode with 30 second exposures. Dropped on concrete. It never needed any servicing. I don't use it any more but due to its ruggedness I bought the 5D III.
  2. Under or over exposed?

    Resubmit without making any changes. Indicate that it is a re-submission. It most likely will be accepted the 2nd time.
  3. External storage device

    WD My Passport is a spinning disk device. I use two 2TB drives for backup. They are very compact. Check them out at the Best Buy. If one fails you still have the 2nd.
  4. External storage device

    Absolutely transfer the CD/DVD to an external drive, such as the WD My Passport drives. Buy enough for two sets of backup. IMO ...... CD/DVD/Blue-Ray backup is obsolete. Drives are better.
  5. How to choose a video camera???

    Gopro with stabilizer.
  6. Blu-Ray Disc Authoring

    IMO ......... CD, DVD, Blu-Ray are obsolete.
  7. Software for .mov

    I live in Vancouver. My coaxial cable gets me 6 digital channels on my LG 1080 TV. The cable hangs beside the TV. The signal is crystal clear.
  8. Software for .mov

    I'm 95% sure television is broadcast in 1080 over the airwaves. I use a coaxial cable as antenna (no cable) and get about 5 stations. My TV is a 1080p. In the info panel it tells me the resolution. One station is 720, the rest 1080. Big difference in quality with 1080 compared to 720.
  9. How do you think about canon 5d classic for stock photo

    Canon FX Canon F1 (original) Canon Elan II E Canon 5D Canon 5D III Those are all the Canon's I have owned. I am using the 5D III, but still have the FX and 5D.
  10. 1970's color enhancing filter.

    Does anyone remember a color enhancing filter independently sold and manufactured by some guy in the USA? This would be late 1970's early 1980's. On request he would mail you sample 35mm slides and a small glass chip of the filter - the samples had to be mailed back to him. You could then order a full size square filter. I received and returned the sample pack, but did not order a filter. Anybody remember or buy this filter?
  11. How do you think about canon 5d classic for stock photo

    I would pass on the 5D and buy a 5DIII instead.
  12. Backup

    Slow speed is OK for backups. The first backup would be slow. But all other backups would be fast.
  13. Can't get moon to focus

    Could be motion blur...... the Moon moves fast. Try using a motorized tracking mount.
  14. Can't get moon to focus

    Try using the sunny f16 rule. The exposure should be equivalent to 1/100 sec, f16 at 100 ISO.