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  1. Re: MOONRISE OVER HERNANDEZ Didn't that image have so much dodging and burning that it doesn't represent the scene at all?
  2. Two perl scripts that might be helpful Rename - The purpose is to prevent duplicate names with other files on computer. Bulk rename all CR2 files from the days photo shoot inside Lightrooms auto import folder. Files are renamed with prefix, timestamp (year,month,day,hour,minute,second) and image counter - A_2019-04-20-14-21-55_00001.CR2 After Lightroom imports images they are then moved to the respective folders. #!/usr/bin/perl -w # Rename CR2 files # A_2019-04-20-14-21-55_00001.CR2 use Time::Piece; $prefix = "A"; $ext = "CR2"; my $newName = localtime->strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S'); my $counter = 1; my @files = <*.$ext>; foreach my $file (@files) { $num = sprintf( "%05d", $counter ); $newFile = "${prefix}_${newName}_${num}.$ext"; rename($file, $newFile) || die ( "Error in renaming" ); $counter++; } Random Rename - The purpose is to separate similar images when uploading to Shutterstock. Files are randomly renamed with prefix, random number and image counter - A_01729_00001.JPG The image counter will also prevent duplicate names if a random number comes up multiple times. #!/usr/bin/perl -w # Random rename JPG files # A_01729_00001.JPG use Time::Piece; $prefix = "A"; $ext = "JPG"; my $counter = 1; my @files = <*.$ext>; foreach my $file (@files) { my $randomNumber = int(rand(10000)); $randomNumber = sprintf( "%05d",$randomNumber); $num = sprintf( "%05d", $counter); $newFile = "${prefix}_${randomNumber}_${num}.$ext"; rename($file, $newFile) || die ( "Error in renaming" ); $counter++; } Anybody else use perl scripts for organizing files?
  3. The intro is way too long I stopped at 1:38. I didn't want to listen to that dramatic soundtrack anymore. Grading = Color Correction. That's all I have to know.
  4. Which threads have been deleted by the moderators? Most likely the threads have been deleted by the OP.
  5. You can't see the horizon ....... and it's most likely straight.
  6. Grossinger mistook Phils image of the red Cardinal as a red chicken.
  7. No "D" on my contributor page - it's US.
  8. I don't think anybody can beat my earnings. And that's for images.
  9. Your financial distressed woman is a good series - especially the last image.
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