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  1. Photos rejected because they are out of focus?

    Could you post an example? Study your images at 100%. My guess is that they were indeed out of focus.
  2. Michelangelo's David

    Should be OK for editorial.
  3. Probability of getting such Photo

    Not as rare as you might think. I captured a sailboat going in front of the sun. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-26883541-stock-footage-sunset-with-passing-sailboat-at-english-bay-vancouver-bc-canada-the-georgia-strait-is-in-the-far.html?src=gallery/0jgMeAwuqw5vTN7sZxpifQ:1:0/3p
  4. New shutterstock forum suggestion - Chit Chat For topics that don't fit into the current forums Chit Chat about anything. Announcements Contributor Experience Technical Issues Hardware & Gear Chit Chat Archive
  5. Built in flash might be OK. In this case I would set up a 8 1/2 x 11 white card to the right - (and maybe bottom and left) - just out of camera range. The white card would fill in the shadows just enough to make that photo a lot better.
  6. "The Shape of Water"

    I'm looking forward to "All the Money in the World" A movie about the John Paul Getty III kidnapping.
  7. Bitcoin worse than the Ruble?

    The first Bitcoin transaction (2009 ?) was buying two pizzas for 10,000 BTC from Papa John's. Todays value of that transaction 10,000 bitcoins x $16,000 USD = $160,000,000 USD
  8. Advice on Canon 300mm F/4 L IS Lens - soft focus

    IMO ...... Not good subject to test lens sharpness. Shoot a building or some other solid object. What is your focus point? At f4 you need to focus on a specific point. I did a 100% crop on the area that appears to be sharpest.
  9. The LA fire

    I think he would like that.
  10. The LA fire

    I learned of the current LA fires by watching Conan 0'Brien last night. He mentioned the fire and I thought this show must be a re-run show from the summer and he was talking about the LA summer fires. Then he talked about Time's person of the year. I then realized that the Conan 0'Brian show I was watching is current and LA has been hit my more major fires.
  11. Epson or Canon for 13" prints

    That reminds me of the Fuji Super Gloss - very similar to Cibachrome I will checkout Fuji Crystal.
  12. Epson or Canon for 13" prints

    Ok ...... Thanks for the replies. The reason I was thinking of getting a printer is for convenience. I was in the camera store the other day and they had 13x19 prints from the Canon Pixma Pro 1, Pro 10 and Pro 100 - the prints looked really good. Having prints on display is a good way to sell printers.
  13. Epson or Canon for 13" prints

    Epson or Canon Printer Epson or Canon for 13" prints. B+W and Color. Pano capability (roll paper). Canvas capability.
  14. What's Your Favorite Type of Image to Capture?

    That model must have been inspired by this classic photo.
  15. Digitalizing Kodachrome 25 & 64 slides

    You could automate the process. Set to continuous shooting and timer to 10 seconds. Switch out the slides as quick as possible - or advance the negatives 1 frame at a time.