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  1. No doubt that @Forum Mihai is a good debater. I would even consider him to be the forums Master Debater.
  2. But there is no fanfare with the simple click of a button. The most popular way of exiting these forums is with multiple posts or even threads announcing their departure - a process that can take months. One of the most notable cases is @Laurin Rinder - about 10 threads which spanned several years.
  3. You don't need the admin for that. Log-out for good and your posts will get bumped down and quickly forgotten. By posting you delay your departure.
  4. @Jeffde1 Is this not abuse of the Forum Reaction feature? @Forum Mihai and @Mihai_Andritoiu are the same person. Both logged in a few minutes apart. @Mihai_Andritoiu liking @Forum Mihai posts multiple times to boost his reputation rating.
  5. If there was any security breach then you wouldn't have been able to log in.
  6. Stalking = When you take the time to actually Google Phils posts.
  7. IMO ... It is when quotes are purposely taken out of context to give them a totally different meaning.
  8. IMO .... It might be best to test it yourself. Edit one of your image titles and included a random collection of letters. Example: lqboetmas Wait a few days and search for lqboetmas If no images show up then the title is irrelevant.
  9. The novelty wore off very quickly - it had nothing to do with the confidentiality of the Forum Reaction feature. But I see you are still very much engrossed by the Forum Reaction feature.
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