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  1. What kind of trap? What are you talking about? You didn't ask about the size of your portfolio but about the quality of your photos (which by the way is not a topic of this forum announcement). Or maybe you judge others talent and photo quality by the size of their portfolio then yea, great trap, you got me. And by seeing your photos that to me don't have much artistic and even technical value I stated my opinion. Yes it was a bit too harsh for which I am sorry but it was only fueled by my frustration with shutterstock and for which I am sorry. But I am sorry only if you are a beginning photographer, if not then I don't have anything to be sorry about. Now please let's get back to the topic of this forum announcement.
  2. You're producing crap, there you go your answer
  3. Just leave dude, you're not needed in this topic. Go somewhere where you can thrive and tell your little fairy tales.
  4. Look, they try to bribe us now! I have disabled my account on the 12/06/2020 and now on 18/06/2020 all of the sudden I got this amount of money as a 'sale' on my account. Bunch of .... I will try to get to the bottom of that and try to get information on who bought this photo. I think it is illegal for them to just give me money like that without selling the actual photo to anyone. Let alone while my account is DISABLED! WTF are they doing there now???!!!! This is really just a joke. We need to make a petition to make Stan Pavlovsky resign!!! This crap that we're into was decided as soon as he joined shutterstock.
  5. Can this guy STFU already? Who is this idiot?
  6. This whole thing is one big fucking joke. I have deactivated my account. Almost all of my sales after the change were 0.10USD. Don't listen to those jokers that send bullshit screenshots allegedly showing that they still earn the same, those are just idiot actors probably hired or made a deal with shutterstock. Deactivate your accounts - don't let those greedy executives earn more millions at our price! 0.10usd... it's so pathetic that it's not even funny anymore
  7. I have been waiting now for more than a year to achieve higher level of contributor earnings (after selling more than 5000 photos) and now all this waiting is just for nothing... I have always been telling everybody that shutterstock is the best in stock photo industry - very reliable and you can still get some money out of it BUT NOW ALL HAS CHANGED. You are now at the same greedy, low and disgusting level as Istock and Alamy Greedy bunch of... I am so disappointed. IT IS DISGUSTING!!!
  8. Hey! Do you know of any good apps to check the status of your sales other than Microstockr for Android? I know about Shutterstock app but Microstockr is for almost all the agencies (if you upload to several of them). Can we maybe make a list of the apps (and their capabilities) in this thread?
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