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  1. Ouch. That hurts to look at! I met another photographer in the park today, turns out he is also a microstock contributor. He said that his earnings have stayed about the same, so I'm quite curious as to what the average contributor is experiencing.
  2. Shutterstock claimed that the new earnings structure would benefit contributors. I thought that was BS, and disabled my port. But it's been a while now, so I'm wondering - those of you who didn't disable your portfolios, how have your earnings changed? Have you seen a general increase, or decrease, (or neither) in your earnings?
  3. Oh, they've already very well proven to us that they don't give a flying youknowwhat about their contributors.
  4. I was comparing the D850 with the D5, since 4k video is a must, and decided on the D5 because of the ISO performance. Since I do a lot of wildlife and macro, being able to crank the ISO up without degrading image quality is a major selling point for me
  5. The differences you're noticing in DOF could potentially be from the change in focal point. I was shooting in burst since it was windy, and the focal point for the first photo ended up on the back of the flower, while in the second photo it ended up on the very front.
  6. Yes, I'm sure! These are burst shots, taken less than a second apart. However, my camera is getting quite old and well-used. My shutter count is about 170k, which is 20k past Nikon's claimed life for it, and getting into the danger zone according to the oleg kikin database . I was wondering if this could potentially be a sign of shutter death. I've started saving for the D5, since I've known for a while now that this camera is getting up in age, but I'm still about 4k short of affording the new camera 😅
  7. You need to shoot in JPEG to have the HDR modes set, right? This is a raw file. And it doesn't seem to be every other image...sometimes it'll be one properly-exposed, then three over-exposed, etc. I have absolutely no idea. I can check my camera settings tomorrow. How/where do I find this setting? What is it supposed to do? 🤔
  8. In the last couple shoots I've done, I have noticed that there are extreme differences in exposure between images taken as burst shots. Settings are fully manual, in this case it was with a 100mm prime - ISO 250, f/11, 1/1000 taken with the Nikon D610 on the continuous high-speed burst shot mode. Any idea what's going on here? I've never experienced this before. Photos are straight out of camera, no editing
  9. I just did a google search of the file name + number. I didn't click the link you put in the thread, nor have I ever searched your images/videos, so there's no way that it's a cache issue like support mentioned. This was my result as well! Very concerning indeed. I'm really curious, if someone were to purchase this video, if the sale would go through & if you'd receive payment. If I had €50 to spare I'd do it myself
  10. Also, I'm not sure how many people already know about this - but I just recently discovered MicrostockPlus through the microstock forums. Never heard of it before now, but I love it. For those who don't know, you upload your images there, add the title/description/keywords (or it auto-adds them if it's embedded in the image), choose categories, and then you can upload it to all the popular agencies (I believe 15+ options) from there. I've been using it to super easily submit my whole portfolio to a couple sites, and also for quickly submitting single images to sites that I had previously not uploaded them to. I wish I'd found this years ago
  11. Yeah, when you put it that way I can see how it comes across bad. I really didn't intend for it to come across that way, so my apologies! I don't spend much time on the forums, the last week has made up about half my time here. I can be a bit oblivious to the proper etiquette. And maybe just a bit oblivious in general 🙈 I also didn't know people would view them as a "failing" site, but rather just a smaller one. IMO the difference is big - did they used to be a popular site & now are not?
  12. I was not trolling, I was giving my honest opinion. And I don't see the issue with referral links, I wouldn't have any problems with another contributor posting a ref link when recommending a site. If anything I'd encourage it, since they'd get commission if people sign up, but that's just my opinion I haven't heard about this! Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to look into it a bit more. Maybe I'll contact support and ask them directly as well
  13. I just joined YayImages. They are a small site, which I think will stop many contributors from wanting to join in. BUT I am already a huge fan, simply because of how they treat photographers. I think that if we want to take a stand against companies treating us like crap, it's super important to stand with the companies who want to treat us well. These guys offer 50% commission, and the customer support is super kind and helpful. I plan on uploading my entire portfolio here. https://www.yayimages.com/contributors?ref=911PDAP "The commission is 50 % to contributors on all single image sales. For subscriptions the commission is 1,5 euro per download for high-res, €0.75 for medium sized images and €0.20 for small images. On all our partner sales we offer you a 50% commission. Our partners license your images at different prices, ranging from microstock prices like YAY's, and up to several hundred dollars for an image. You will always get a 50% cut on what we get for a license! It is important for us at YAY that photographers get a fair commission! We use PayPal for payouts, if PayPal is not available in your country – please contact us on contribute@yaymicro.com and we’ll arrange another payout option for you (we also support MoneyBookers). Payout limit is 30 euro."
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