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  1. This x100!! Although I would say indefinitely shut off ports, not just for two weeks. Until they actually change this load of crap they call an "improvement."
  2. I've been sitting back and watching, 50% sad and 50% amused. What an absolute show. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds in the coming weeks and months.
  3. Please post this around in other places as well! It will just get quickly buried in this thread. It's a sh*t show in here lol
  4. Well, this was a sad moment. Especially after excitedly posting that I'd passed 1,000 images in my port the other day. To bigger and better things, I guess. I'm truly sad for all contributors, but especially those who have been working harder and longer at this than I have.
  5. Bottom right of Account Settings. Licensing options Customers are never permitted to use your content in a way that is defamatory, deceptive, pornographic, libelous, obscene, or illegal. Image sales Yes No Footage sales Yes No
  6. Maybe we shouldn't wait to do it until June 1st. Why not just do it now? Others are already doing it
  7. I'll join you in this! 😄 And I hope anyone else who values their work will, too.
  8. I had purposely stopped contributing to iStock because the poor payout structure was pretty insulting. But with this new payout structure with SS, I would be better off dedicating my time to iStock simply because I get more sales there. Even with a smaller port. Adobe, and Pond5 have my full port since they pay well. Definitely considering jumping on the bandwagon and deleting everything on the 1st. This is ridiculous
  9. So disgusting, and honestly heartbreaking. I'm disabled and stock photography is one of the very few types of work that I'm physically able to do. How great that the company who has been consistently providing increasing earnings for me, and keeping me genuinely excited about stock photography, is now throwing that all in the trash. As if my life wasn't hard enough, now the one thing I've been working hard to make money at is giving a big "fuck you."
  10. So does this mean that I could have one drive connected to my computer at home, and one connected to, say, my in-law's computer, and they'd be both backed up automatically?
  11. Richard Whitcombe is correct - 4TB for the main storage area, 4TB for the backup. 8TB total, taken up by same files. And this is really not enough - there is a " 1 - 2 - 3" backup system, where you have the data stored in 3 different, separate locations. I just can't afford that many drives at the moment, but I'm working on it. Ugh, I really should do this. I have about 75k photos in my catalog from the last two years or so. Just sooo tedious and boring to sit there and sort through them one by one! But maybe I'll fine some hidden gems if I do it 😬 Do you use cloud storage just for your backup? Do you find that it takes a long time to back up everything? What exactly does Drobo do? From a quick look at the website, it looks intriguing, but I don't quite understand the purpose. Yeah, unfortunately I just can't afford enough drives to do the proper backup system. My camera needs to be replaced soon, it's past the shutter count where more than half of them have died. I'm saving for the D5 since the ISO capabilities are going to be a great asset to my wildlife and low-light photography. How exactly does a NAS system work?
  12. One 6TB hard drive, one 5TB hard drive, one 4TB hard drive. All nearly maxed out to full capacity. And these things are definitely not cheap. My RAW files folder 2016 - 2020 is nearly 4TB, so just having them backed up to one drive requires 8TB of space. And now that I'm moving into video production, and saving for a 4k camera, I'm scared of the storage issues that lie ahead 😅 I've thought about cloud storage, but it seems like doing backups and file retrieval would be a super slow process. So, fellow contributors, how the heck do you do it?
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