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  1. gege gali, you work is useless -nobody read and use your things, try to find an effective way to earn money somewhere else
  2. I use both together, starting in Lightroom always, then if I need some PS features, click right button on mouse (Windows) --> Edit in Photoshop.. LR exports the file to PS, you edit it in PS, then "Save" in PS and result returns to LR where you continue.. Adobe products are well integrated, similar things can be done for video in AE --> go other programs temporarily and then return back
  3. Если имеете в виду Shutterstock , нет, этот вопрос поднимался и раньше много раз, много людей тестировали -покупали или сами или у знакомых - продажи появляются буквально сразу. Дело в контенте и в сроке продаж
  4. I just wrote my review at Google play store for the "Shutterstock contributor" app with rating 1.. The new reward system is like getting youngster to work with minimal salary - he/she can try to grow, show professional growing, get some salary rise, but next year, 1 st January - starting career again with an entry salary.. Forever young 😞
  5. This petition at "change org" was published in the announcements thread about payout change.Not by me, but I would make it more visible for everybody Please join also. It is the easy way to show how many we are here disagree with SS payout change.. http://chng.it/T7QY4kbJDb
  6. This petition at "change org" was published in the announcements thread about payout change. I was 7th person and now already ~50 signed. Please join also. it is the easy way to show how many we are here disagree with SS greedy change.. http://chng.it/T7QY4kbJDb
  7. I do not see noise on all pics, but that with sunset has noise even with lower resolution posted here. I actually always use noise reduction on all pictures I submit. Not those that built in LR or Photoshop, but external 3PPs which I pay for extra..
  8. thanks Richard, I use Windows 10 and I open file properties I see EXIF data on RAW/JPEG photos but on videos which just uploaded from camera, Sony fdr ax700, I see just ordinary general file metadata. When I process a video and then render in AE, that metadata changes to producing date, not original shooting date. Photos keeps original EXIF data even after were changed much in Lightroom, but videos seems not.. probably problem in MR which I overlooked.. I usually use Dreamstime MR form (SS accepts Dreamstime releases) and this case I attached the photo of my son (19 years old), not
  9. Hello, I got video submission rejection which says "One or more of the attached model releases does not meet our requirements". I have written many Model Releases and cannot see any visible problem in my release beside one thing.. I was filming a number of videos during long holiday, 4 days in April. Trying to avoid much work with releases I made one MR dated by last day of four which I thought could be used to cover all dates because when I process my videos and grade in Adobe After Effects it will be the date when I finally release my videos, now in May, not date when I filmed my v
  10. ha ha , look at the whole picture, probably you change your mind 🙂 black sand is volcanic one as almost everywhere could find on Bali.. Crystal Bay at Nusa Penida Bali.. Great diving site as well!
  11. thanks again, it is lot easier avoid problems than treat them 🙂
  12. thanks for the prompt reply - I agree, that person can recognise themself.. I am also on that photo, not on the example sample here.. I can recognize myself of course...
  13. Hello, I submitted many times my photos where unknown people were on the photo, but quite far to be identified without face details I also added in the description something like "bla bla and the group of unidentifiable people" But every time I wondered how detailed must be people on the picture to be editorial. Here is 5% of my photo from the drone on Bali this month. The photo is panoramic and shows all around for a few km away and even people on the beach below the drone.. Could someone say if it is editorial and if so which person as the example is possibly identifiable from
  14. Here is solution I found for future use who get the same problem with reference photo upload for an illustration Finally I fixed the problem - reference image has to be submitted as a "property release", I was right. I decreased the size of the original photo to 800 pixels and it become accepted, I submitted all now.. The error message while uploading reference image in the original size is misleading, it produces the same error as for ordinary uploads but internally (at server side) the trigger size for release is much smaller - my reference images is just 250 Kb now, I suspect the
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