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  1. Thank you! That helps. I have a bunch more images on white currently pending approval, so don't think I ignored your suggestion, haha! I think my portraits are my strongest images for the most part. I'd like to involve models in the stock part of my business eventually when I can see some return! Update: I've had a sale! It's probably the simplest of all my images so maybe I can use that for direction as well. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/white-artificial-wood-grain-background-626014931?src=kDYXmmOsRUycUNwVK6ssDw-1-6
  2. Thanks for the feedback. How can I take a sharper image? I took this one at 50mm and 1/250. Megan
  3. I haven't sold any images yet. This is one that I like. How can I improve to get some sales? Thank you! Megan

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