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  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/young-monkey-playing-only-wild-monkeys-1602788179
  2. Excellent port!! I'm sure I've seen most of your pictures in the newspapers .
  3. Paulooo, I am sure you could put more effort in 4 years!!
  4. I have seen photographers using something similar to this https://photographygloves.com/collections/photography-glove/products/vallerret-photography-glove-ipsoot, but it is a bit pricey..
  5. I have used this SD card numerous times after the fact and not expecting to recover any images, but I DO appreciate you ALL for trying to help me! On a positive note, I am more cautious and backing up my files more often 😉.
  6. I was recommended SanDisk RescuePRO by a member of this forum. After scanning my SD (128Gb takes around 1h 45m ) I was told by software advisor that unfortunately, most Sony cameras do a full format (not quick format), which wipes the data and is therefore not recoverable. However, I was recommended to look at the drive forensically using FileRecovery. I have to say this software manage to recover exFAT folders but unfortunately all empty... Well, I will let this go and remember it as a bad dream ☺️. Thank you all for your help ✌️!!
  7. So I am on vacation with my lovely family enjoying the last minutes of 2018, relaxed waiting for beautiful fireworks to light the sky, about ten minutes left to midnight. Eh... It was a stressful year I thought silently, let's hope 2019 will be better! Setting my A7rii to record the scene, a message pops out "Change to PAL? Reboots after the change is made....blah blah blah didn't read to the end and pressed ok 😕 The next thing I see fireworks and realise what have I done and that all my vacation pictures from this SD card were wiped out... Happy New Year :)) Good lesson learned tried sof
  8. I think editorials sell well and it is interesting to shoot this kind of images. By the way, when someone approaches me to ask questions, I pretend my English iz nat gud
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