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  1. Good work ethic there! 5700pics in one year. Congrats!
  2. First month in two years since I joined when I only had sub downloads. Normal number of sales but 3x less money than on comparable months... On the bright side, AS and A...y did quite good so can't complain....
  3. While it theory that can happen (and probably has) I never had a client cancel a sale on A***y. And I had a few $100+ sales.
  4. When I reach $1000 a month I'm moving to Sri Lanka
  5. Like I mentioned above, they sell very rarely on A***y (for about 100 SS sales I get 1 A***y sale) but when they do, they go for quite a good sum ($100+ quite often) so it is worth the wait. I wouldn't disconsider them, especially if you use Xpicks or some other software that allows you to upload to many platforms at once.. Good luck!
  6. He is the whole wall. Sleeping with the head towards the left. A bit in ruins tho...
  7. I have about 3300 pictures on here and 2100 on A***y. With 8 sales on A****y I made about 50% less money in a year than I did on SS with way more sales...for me it's worth uploading to them.
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