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  1. Can you just let him enjoy his 1st payout ? everybody is unhappy with what happened on SS recently but who need to read these kind of comments? better cheering like a 3 years old than be so arrogant... if you are so superior why are you still selling your staff here ?
  2. I had a couple of 0.96 subs some 0.40 subs... but I feel like complaining a lot... plus the covid situation has made everything even worse for me. Reality is I don't feel like uploading anymore on SS. I might do it in the future but considering the present situation I don't think I will for a long time. I don't say this lightly or angry. but I'm just very disappointed and demotivated as SS used to be my favorite site.
  3. Things on AS were going well until March... now I have 2 to 4 sales a week although most of them are 0.99. But at the moment I'm personally doing not well on AS. Plus in June I had my worst month ever on SS. So not uploading on SS but yes keep doing it on AS and Alamy. consistently.
  4. some people can be genius at work and a moron in life... especially when they show no respect for other people while having an argument or a discussion. Usually arrogance and stupidity go together.
  5. many on here have already turned their energy to other sites...
  6. I've had an increase of sales on Alamy in the last 7/8 months, selling more in this period than I did since I joined alamy in 2011. And almost all of them were images uploaded a 3/4 years ago. I don't know maybe it really helps a bigger portfolio but it could also be a matter of time.
  7. I think it was a sarcastic post..
  8. Yes l totally agree... Anyway personally I don't feel like uploading any more. But I will wait and see. There could be a possibility of an increasing of sales although for less money but that could lead to an increase of earnings.. it's just a natter of waiting and see. ( This didn't happen on lS for me though )
  9. I agree... Still understandable that people can be very upset. Congratulations by the way
  10. I will do the same... anyway although this kind of post give us hope maybe that 64 dollars could have been 100 or more under the old payment structure ( I sold one image for 100 usd last year) .. who knows Im very confused. Anyway No more uploading for me for a while until I will hopefully be able to post this kind of good news. I'll put some more effort on a couple of sites where I've seen some encouraging signs of improvement.
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