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  1. maybe better than july... but september to christmas was suppose to be a good time for sales.
  2. well I should be very happy then... I can already afford to buy 2 coffees
  3. hahahahaha... you made laugh thank you.
  4. I remember you complaining a lot at the beginning of June and now you can't stop selling... maybe I should do the same. I remember complaining last year about the decrease of my earning and 10 days later I had a 100US$ sale just for an image and 59 US$ for another image. Well I start now with my complaints but I have the feeling it won't work this time.
  5. everyone should stop uploading...
  6. the reality is that despite having a few 0.73 or maybe a few more on demands downloads... every month the decrease on my earning only on my subscriptions is between 40 and 60% compared to what it would have been before June 2020. The earning on my OD is almost the same... and I don't even want to mention S&O. To this I can add that the total number of downloads every months since April is less than half that it used to be, but the reason could be the covid in my case as most of my pictures are from south america and most of the continent is in lockdown and no one travel there for holiday. Anyway I'm pretty sure that even if the number of downloads will increase in the future the earning will be much less that it would have been before the change. The only good thing about this topic is that we feel less miserable because the majority of us is in the same situation... all I can do is never uploading again here. we all should do this.
  7. last time I checked there were 3623... now 3629. although on my dashboard I can see 3631 of them. maybe two have been disabled. at least I have something different to complain about and not just for the 0.10. 0.12 and 0.13 cents i get for the 99% of my few downloads. anyway at least I haven't wasted my time uploading on here for a while.
  8. So maybe those images ( 5 ) went missing in the past and I didn't realize it and now they have reappeared. I don't see any other explanation, Anyway the forum is the only interesting thing left on SS. thanks for your tip.
  9. quite strange considering that I haven't uploaded anything for a long time...
  10. i don't upload anymore on SS... end of the problems, l do it on other sites and I'm starting to see the benefits after 4 months.
  11. CRAP... is all have to say about it. and I don't feel guilty at all... that's just what it is.
  12. alamy has got much better for me in the last couple of year... even better than AS, the only two sites where I have been constantly uploading since june.
  13. or we could wish him Happy Easter...
  14. merry Christmas... I just hope the lock down won't last until Christmas.
  15. June has been really bad, my earning in July was 10% of what I made in July 2019, and August is looking as bad as June and July... I don't want to blame the new payment structure it could be just a coincidence or I could still blame the virus considering that 80% of my pictures are from south america and all south america is still in lockdown... who knows! Anyway I haven't uploaded anything since the change... I'm really more focused on other sites where I see a chance of improvement, unfortunately at the moment I would be very surprised to see any improvement in here... finger crossed.
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