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  1. hope you'll manage to have an answer and solve this problem... I would go mad if it happen to me
  2. usual as every month... 60% income less that it would have been if they hadn't changed the payment structure. to be fair only AS has started to improve a little bit in the last few weeks.
  3. I have no clue... I tried but can't do it. stupid me
  4. no doubt about it if your numbers are correct... I don't think in my specific case is about quality of the videos . this is a problem I had experienced also in the past sometimes and resubmitting them then the videos were accepted . I can't understand why I get incredibly frustrated as you said only on this site . Anyway I was just sharing the way I feel about it... totally demotivated on uploading more staff here. I probably shouldn't have even tried.
  5. art of demotivating is just the perfect way to explain it.
  6. I think l give up on SS at least for another year. yes I prefer doing this kind of staff in the park or outdoor anyway. but to be honest it's easier when I sit on a bench. today was just lovely and warm. thanks for the tip...
  7. After almost one year I was tempted... and I did submit 21 new videos on SS... and after all the work that everyone knows this was the reason of rejections... File Processing Error: There was an issue with processing your file. Please check your file and resubmit. Obviously I didn't have any problems on P5 and AS and even on IS... and I have always done it with fileZilla even on here....well I guess that is the fair punishment for me as I promised to myself to never ever upload anything on SS again... I was just excited because I finally started selling videos recently. I'm not going to
  8. I'm getting many 0.11... much more rewarding than all the 0.10 I used to get. so exciting now checking my contributor page.
  9. Best month since June 2020... but still very low income compared to prior june 2020.
  10. I was thinking.. no way I don't believe him, then I saw your portfolio and I changed my mind.
  11. he's obviously expressing a justified sense of dissatisfaction.... I dont see any kind of 'congrats' nor 'commiserations
  12. hahaha once again thanks for the laughter ...
  13. last month ( December ) I made more money on IS than on SS in January... just enough to buy a few coffees but it says it all on how bad SS has become for me. AS not too well either ALAMY only 2 sales but made more than SS, AS and IS together.
  14. Yes but we are all winners because we haven't lost our sense of humour
  15. still better than my 47 cents... SS now is almost as good as IS
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