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  1. You are right. It was all discussed many times. I also had disabled my port for several months. But didn't fully understand the math. Now I see that the SS will never be profitable again (for most authors). It seems the whole industry is in decline. Too many cheap images around. Now finally decided to stop uploading here. Will continue with AdobeStock and Dreamstime. At least they pay more.
  2. You cannot petition the Lord with prayer. As Jim told.
  3. Sorry, I got the point before your answer, and had edited my question. Could SS give authors choice to select which subscription plan they want? I don't like 750 images for $256 subscription plan! If SS wants to give discounts let him do it on its own expense.
  4. How could you explain 10 cents payments?
  5. Buyers pay $34 for 10 pictures per month. Authors get $1 for 10 pictures (10 * 𝇍10). Is it fair? It looks like a robbery.
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