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  1. How do you then get it to key words? Do you cut and paste, or is there a way to do it automatically? Can I do it with Photoshop express?
  2. How, exactly, do you save the title and keywords for your photos, in case you have to resubmit?
  3. When I'm typing in keywords or description to submit content, even though I'm typing at normal speed, the letters are extremely slow to show up. Imagine typing flower, but the speed you see is f l o w e r. It's fine on with the app on my phone, but nearly impossible to do anything on my laptop. Its not my computer, I've tried 3 different ones. Also, when selecting a category it won't let me scroll down. That I also have to do on my cell.
  4. I like the color, its certainly much more lively, but I agree with rightdx, it totally changes the mood. It was taken on a cold, dreary, rainy day.
  5. This photo was rejected for submission. Composition - distracting elements are entering the frame obscuring the main subject. What does that mean and can it be fixed? What distracting elements are obscuring the driftwood, which is the main subject? Thanks for any input.
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