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  1. Okay, thank you, I still like SS, because it is my best selling bill
  2. It's weird now, too much inaccuracy in rejecting keywords and titles! Is it because the reviewers are less happy to go to work?
  3. Hello everyone, I want to consult one thing, the hesitant ss has been reduced a lot in May, reducing my income, I want to try to register istosk's only contributor account, I don’t know what you think, I see My friend is exclusive. For istock contributors, the income is very good. Although I also have non-exclusive istock contributors, the income is too low. I would like to ask, what are the requirements for istock to apply for exclusive right away? Do you still need 1,000 downloads? How long does it usually take? Has anyone successfully applied recently?
  4. 大家都好,我想咨询一件事,犹豫不决的ss已经在5月降价了很多,减少了我的收入,我想尝试注册istosk唯一的贡献者帐户,不知道您的想法,我看到我的朋友是独家的对于istock贡献者来说,收入非常好,尽管我也有非独占的istock贡献者,但是收入太低。我想问一下,istock立即申请独家有什么要求?您还需要1,000次下载吗?通常需要多长时间?最近有人成功申请过吗?
  5. All must be written by hand, please use SS own authorization form
  6. I feel like the recent review USES artificial intelligence, so it's strange that I've been seeing a lot of this lately
  7. I'm sure I won't leave SS at present, because it's the most profitable download
  8. I have seen a Thai, when the 11,000 photos, the peak reached 5,000 dollars, and now falls to 3,000 dollars.
  9. I, I keep 30-50 images uploaded every day, but the amount of growth is still very slow.
  10. I also want to ask a question, how many photos do I need to earn $5,000 a month.
  11. Can anyone tell me? What is the model version of the nude model with the photo ID?
  12. Can anyone tell me? What is the model version of the nude model with the photo ID?
  13. Please solve it quickly, thank you! Everyone is very anxious to work
  14. Mine too, it started to flash back this morning! I haven’t solved the problem yet.
  15. 也许你说的是对的吧,盗图就是违法的!诱惑的陷阱也只是给一些贪图免费的人所使用的!
  16. I also have a lot of news photos rejected, I need to show any news vouchers, I can't figure out what it is, there is no specific explanation, it is a headache!
  17. They didn't steal, they just saw that they could be downloaded for free, so they downloaded it and used it. The result was received a lawyer's letter, which is a trap. This is what I want to express! Thank you
  18. I said that you agree! Intellectual property must be protected!
  19. You are wrong, this is a shameless business practice! Remember, I originally sold you $0.25, but then I repented. I hope it is $3. Do you understand this? I will give it to you for free, then it should be free for the end, or you will be charged, there will be no charge after free, and you will not be able to purchase pictures from other photo gallery websites if you sign a contract. This is the Overlord Treaty!
  20. 这是盖帝图像与中国大陆合作的照片网站公司。到处都是敲诈勒索,免费下载图片,并进入最后的网络钓鱼执法,所以中国的版权,呵呵! 但是,很多网友认为视觉中国保留版权是真的,但故意在免费资料网站上传图片,让用户在不知情的情况下“被动地”侵权,然后要求获得高额赔偿。“方式,有偏见 根据2015年年报,视觉中国占互联网媒体和娱乐收入的78.39%。在成本组成栏中,版权服务费也占行业分类的70%以上,这意味着购买版权,销售版权和维护版权是Visual China的主要收入。
  21. Many times your photos may not be stolen, and it is impossible to modify the watermark so much. It is secretly removed by the Chinese Internet company on the third-party website to download to others, and then the means of phishing law enforcement through the lawyer Sending a lawyer's letter to extort and demand, the client is required to sign an exclusive customer agreement, and since then can not go to other websites to buy, so this is the problem of the Chinese Internet company ss cooperation, do you think the loge can be modified? I think it is unlikely (because it is too big)
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