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  1. There's people in that thread saying they found my table useful and have had PMs requesting the table, so I'll have to disagree with that assessment. You're thinking it is hopeless since there are numbers not on the table. I'm thinking it helps immensely to get a rough unofficial explanation and have noted why all numbers encountered shouldn't be expected to be on the table. Of course, it is not any secret that the exact amount deposited into your account depends on what country buyers is from, what they pay, exchange rate, taxes, etc., and these things both differ by country and exchange rates differ continuously. Just listing numbers isn't too helpful (to me) unless they are all converted into the same currency at that time which is incredibly difficult to do accurately in retrospect. From my buyers from USA (so I don't have to worry about any conversion), the vast majority of my sales have been on the table, so I'm not too concerned. Cheers, Justin
  2. I created this unofficial table for photos and video sales based on publicly available %'s and dollar amounts assuming buyer is in USA. The yellow and orange highlightings just show my levels when I made the table. The other highlightings are just categories
  3. And yet some sub payments at level 6 are higher than $.38 too..
  4. "Joined May 26" and you mention "American" thing in 2 out of your 3 posts, so I'd have to say you make me laugh too. Cheers,
  5. As I've experienced, the minimum is $.10, but not every sale is $.10, so for me sales even out quite nicely. Cheers,
  6. lol. Sour grapes and photo snobbery.. Cheers,
  7. I still attain (and exceed) my $ goals every month so... not really concerned with photo snobbery jabs I gotta say. If there's technical or other requirements SS would like to implement, they are free to do so, but those don't come from you. 🤣 Cheers,
  8. Wrong. Made more in June than May. Don't assume.
  9. How do you feel when YouTube changes their policies that directly affect how much revenue you'd make from say ads or affiliate links or how your videos are shared? Are they then a a sweatshop too?
  10. So it isn't that a company is a sweatshop, it is actually that you don't have access to a fast internet connection. Glad you cleared that up for everyone.
  11. Quite a bit beyond that now but not sure I need to educate you more at this time.
  12. You have quite an imagination! It is one of my best sellers though. I'll upload another nails related photos soon in your honor!
  13. LOL, utterly bizarre opinion. I guess boogeymanning is what some do when others disagree with them, eh?
  14. I would guess it is just a Subscription being miscategorized as an On Demand, but you would obviously need to ask Shutterstock about it and see what they tell you. Did you?
  15. There's no On Demand at Level 4 for that amount from my understanding. Here's an unofficial pay table I constructed based on publicly available package prices (for US buyer) and level percentages for photos/videos.
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