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  1. Dear Laurin, Thanks for your honest comment. I will definitely have to learn on how to remove people from my travel photos coz there are lots of them. And I understand what you are saying. No people looking at your camera!!
  2. Aris Abdullah

    Aris Abdullah

    Kindly assist me with constructive criticism to the images attached. Thank you in advance to all
  3. Thanks mike.. will not upload it then.. i was just using iphone for the image and mayb it is shaky Thanks again Mike! Have a great weekend.
  4. Hi Mike and Marble.. Thanks so much for the advice.. Initially I thought the bird gave the sense of that place/square... (many birds there).. Will crop the image the way Mike suggested.
  5. Thnaks so much for the comments Rasica. ANd I have received almost similar comments from other friends on how the cropping should be done.. Great!!
  6. Laurin - Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I see the post processing in the stock images are not very much and I thought that is the way to go. This is of one of the most photographed images at where I live . Its a good place for me to practise. 25 cents for an image upload. Yeap I agree I have to decide whether its right or not. For a start maybe it is acceptable. Mike - Thanks for pointing the high ISO out. I did not even realise it happened. I checked the other images in my cam and some images do have ISO 100 and 250. I don't know how it happened. I must have accidentally changed the ISO dial. That is not a good mistake at all
  7. Oh a good suggestion Mike. The image intended to be the new (modern) building facade against the old (colonial) building facade. i hope I achieved the intention.
  8. Aris Abdullah

    Aris Abdullah

    Are the branches in the foreground annoying and ruin the overall image?
  9. Super nice image Laurin.. The wrinkles on the face look wowww! Do you use bracketing for portrait?
  10. Hi Laurin, Noted on your comments. Thanks so very much. Regards, Aris
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