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  1. Sorry. What does BS in the original question stand-for? I assume SS stands for Shutterstock. For those of us who are not familiar with all of the acronyms including acronym used in replies, this question is gibberish. Thanks. Paul
  2. In scrolling through your portfolio, I see more images of food than any other is a tough category in my opinion. If you scroll through Shutterstock by calling up 'food' and see what your competition is doing may help you to narrow your food images to a particular type of food such as Italian or German or Barbeque and stay with those images to build up your numbers for that food category. If your chosen category of food is huge, that makes your work among many...find food images that are few and add your images until you are a large percentage of the total number of images. Big supplier in a small selection is better than being a small supplier in a large selection. Hope this helps. Paul
  3. First of all, welcome to Shutterstock. Secondly, congratulations on your first sale. You are now an internationally published may never know where your image will be seen but that first sale will always remain your most favorite. No one can take that very moment away from you. That feeling of a 'job well done' will last a lifetime. And, there will be more sales. Occasionally, you will make a sale for more than $0.25 and those are great as well. Again, congratulations.
  4. First of all, welcome to Shutterstock. Secondly, your portfolio offers too few images to make any meaningful comments Third, is there a niche that your images are aiming-for? Lastly, suggest you scroll through SS and see what others have posted that are similar to your images...are your images among many or just a few. If your images are among many, competition will be fierce and sales may be low. If your images are among few, then competition is low and sales may be higher with all other things being equal ie. focus, composition, uniqueness of the image. Again, welcome to Shutterstock
  5. Both pictures have 'vignette' in the upper corners...are these a cell phone pictures?
  6. Dear Keen Sight, first of all, welcome to SHUTTERSTOCK. Secondly, I suggest you find the 'keyword' section when you are down-loading images to help improve 'keywords' for buyers to find your work. Third, suggest you scroll through SS calling up images similar to what you have to review what your competition is using for keywords and the type of image will help you to determine if your work is among a few or thousands...few is better. As for 'volume of sales,' perhaps looking for a 'niche' for your work will give you better odds with buyers...that is, look to find the niche where your images are well represented versus your competition. For example, if your niche has 50 of 100 images with SS, you have a 50-50 change of the buyer selecting your image over our competition all other things being equal...composition, lighting, and the image is marketable for the subject, etc. Again, welcome to SS.
  7. Waves crashing...not enough waves crashing. This is too passive to be described as 'waves crashing' in my opinion.
  8. What are you going to use for 'keywords' so the buyer can find the image?
  9. You will know for sure shortly if you give it another shot. Cheers, Paul
  10. Did you submit these images as Commercial? If you did, suggest submitting one image under Editorial and see what happens.
  11. While the image is interesting, what market are you looking to sell it?
  12. Can't tell what I am looking at? Is it high magnification of a stone crystal? Or, a photo of the ocean depths? Lastly, without knowing what I am looking at, what will a buyer need it for?
  13. While the eye is in focus, the snout is not and that makes the image 'out of prospective/sorts' for me...hard to tell what the image shows
  14. Phil, glad to hear you are up and about with the new footwear.
  15. Imagarium: Did you list your submissions under Commercial or Editorial? Suggest reading SSs guidelines on 'commercial and editorial' submissions. The rejection notice could have been listing under 'commercial' versus 'editorial' and nothing more. Try submitting one of the rejected images under 'editorial' and see what happens.