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    Best tips for shooting in Europe while on a tour?

    Andie, I opened up all of the your portfolio...I would encourage you to add people to our scenes. I lived in Bad Tolz for several years...there are more places to shoot in Munchen to keep you busy everyday for months. Scroll through Shutterstock for Munich images and add 'new' scenes if nothing more than street scenes from Marienplatz or the Hofbrau Haus. If Shutterstock contributors have images of Marienplatz and the Hofbrau Haus by day, you shoot by night. Shoot the vegetable/flower mart near Marienplatz or couples walking along the Isar River. Visit Tegernsee and Rottach Egern and shoot both towns and the lake day and night and all seasons. Shoot local festivals including the October Fest. Submit images from famous locations as editorial. View Shutterstock's list of locations having restriction. Aah, had I my Nikon D810, several batteries, and a fist-full of SD/CF cards, when I lived in Tolz, I would have been thrilled. Instead, I had a super 8 movie camera and a small cassette film camera.
  2. Paul Richard Jones

    Beginner here, I would like constructive criticism

    Forgot to add-in your pictures with people or parts of people in the image...either get a model release from the person or submit as an 'editorial.' Practice in your lab with various lighting from ambient to indirect flash to direct flash and see which style works at Shutterstock. Also, if any of the beakers or Bunsen burns or any lab equipment has a manufacturers name that can be read, submit as an editorial.
  3. Paul Richard Jones

    First Sale!!!

    Congratulations. You are now an internationally published photographer. Nothing can take that moment away from you. Cheers Paul
  4. Paul Richard Jones

    The one that got away...

    If memory serves correctly, that has not been proven.
  5. Paul Richard Jones

    The one that got away...

    Not sure your "??" means you do not 'get' the sarcasm...has to do with Pres. Kennedy's assignation in Dallas, Texas.
  6. Paul Richard Jones

    The one that got away...

    great sarcasm
  7. Paul Richard Jones

    The one that got away...

    dcurzon , great sarcasm.
  8. Paul Richard Jones

    Borage Star flower Crop.jpg

    Luke, when you took the picture, what was your targeted market? If you scroll through Shutterstock under fields of flowers to see what your competition is doing, you will probably find out there are many. What makes this image unique enough to catch the eye of a buyer?
  9. Paul Richard Jones

    Beginner here, I would like constructive criticism

    Hi David, First, welcome aboard 1. Add people to your shots 2. Find your niche such as in your chemistry lab...scroll through what your competition is doing and find a 'sweet spot' less covered...flowers are well represented at Shutterstock...good lab pictures not so much. 3. Learn how to excel at giving 'key words.' That is how buyers find you 4. When you take a picture, what market are you aiming for and will your picture catch the eye of the buyer? 5. Take pictures and down-load. Repeat frequently 6. This is a long-haul task...don't get down on yourself if sales are slow. As your portfolio grows, you will get the hang of it from your mistakes...try not to repeat those lessons learned. 7. Be patient and of course, open up what Shutterstock offers and read. Hope this helps. Cheers Paul
  10. Paul Richard Jones

    Lets waste time

    Thank you. Your cameras and lens have done well by you and your work. Job well done. Cheers, Paul
  11. Paul Richard Jones

    Lets waste time

    Paula, nosey question...what is your camera and choice of lens for your safari work?
  12. Paul Richard Jones

    Lets waste time

    Photographing 'drying paint' comes to mind as a 'waste of time.'
  13. Paul Richard Jones

    Best tips for shooting in Europe while on a tour?

    Suggest looking for local folks doing everyday things especially at open air markets or festivals or even folks in parks but be mindful to customs and local laws about photographing people. As Laurin explains...pictures with people do well. If you can, visit the country-side and not so much the usual tourist traffic areas. Visit the little towns and let serendipity take over. Remember to take a power converter for your battery recharger and take extra batteries...it would be a terrible day if your battery quits.
  14. Paul Richard Jones

    Ideas for shoot

    My wife and I have a favorite farming area near our home which offers seasonal photography of what is being grown, irrigated, cultivated and harvested...then, we rely on serendipity to do the selection of what shots we take. And, yes...some days are diamonds and some days are stones.
  15. Paul Richard Jones

    New: What to Expect?

    Dear J.M. First of all, welcome to SS. You have asked the universal question of every person who is a new contributor: "What is the secret to getting sales?" If we only knew the answer to that simple question, we could retire in short order from sales. Being patient is one of the most fundamental answers...stock photography is a long-haul task. One senior contributor to SS-Laurin-notes that images with people do better overall. Others note that sales increase as your portfolio increases especially when you have good 'key words' for your images so buyers can find your work. Diversify your portfolio. Look at what you submit by scrolling through SS to see what your competition is doing. If you are submitting images and you are competing against 1,000s of other images, sales will be hard to come-by. Find a niche for your images...become the big fish in the small pond not the little fish in a big pond. Ask yourself as you take your shot, what market am I looking to submit this picture? Will this image catch the eye of buyers and if so, why? Lastly, take pictures and upload. Take more pictures and upload as you learn what does and doesn't work. Don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the journey and be patient. Learn from your mistakes. And, welcome to SS. Hope this helps. Cheers Paul