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  1. Heide, does the SONY menu offer pixel settings of the images? My NIKON D810 can be set for raw, JPEG normal and fine. Raw is a huge file. JPEG fine gives images between 20-30 megapixels. The D810 has a SD and a CF card and I can have one file record in JEPG fine and the CF file record in raw or JEPG normal or fine. Will your SONY offer such selections? congrats on your SONY. cheers, Paul
  2. Dear Oleschwander, what part of the simple rules of the captions am I missing?
  3. Dear Ackab, Thank you for your reply and suggestions. Taking suggestions from you and your colleagues and re-submitting 'rejected images' with correction, I remain terribly frustrated that some cabin images with the same EDITORIAL CAPTION and KEY WORDs are accepted and another batch with the same EDITORIAL CAPTION but change of KEY WORDs here and there, are rejected citing KEY WORDS. Contributors that cannot rely on reviewers to be consistent in their reviews from the same contribution submitting a batch of images on the same topic and experiences some accepted and some rejected to be a
  4. For all long-time contributors who took the time to reply, I thank you; this is what has happened in the interim...I changed the EDITORIAL CAPTION to remove abbreviations of states, usa and date. Now, I am getting rejections of the Zion's cabins citing 'key word!' Some of the same cabins with the same key words were accepted and another batch using identical EDITORIAL CAPTION and key words were rejected...all of them! I have come to the conclusion there is no consistence with SS reviewers which makes for a joke. This is for rejected image #4148 for key words:Springdale, Utah. United St
  5. Dear Milo, thank you for taking time to help with my frustration. Actually, this trip to Zion was to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We got an excellent rate at a discount of 30% off the regular room rates. but, the dining was 'take-out' only. Yes, the Resident deer entertain in the morning and evening...must be in their union contract. Again, my thanks for your wisdom. cheers, Flo and Paul
  6. Dear Charles, Not using abbreviations for states/USA and use the full date makes sense. Cheers, Paul
  7. Dear Theodore, Thanks for your kind words. I attribute any 'nice photographs' we get are a result of our Nikon D810 and 35-70mm zoom Nikon glass and a whole lot of serendipity! Again, thanks for the kinds words. Cheers, Paul
  8. Hi Linda, Your reply matches Charles. After as many years as I have been posting, it the simple things that outwit me. I mentioned 'gas fireplace' as to not give guest their cabin fireplace is wood burning; and, natural stone chimneys can be seen in most if not all images.
  9. Dear Charles, Thank you for your prompt reply. Hopefully, I'll get other opinions. In any case, I'll re-submit spelling out the state/date. However, the images submitted were taken over 2-1/2 days which compounds submissions no-end as each group must be from a single day. By chance, did you find any descriptions in SSs EDITORIAL CAPTION that requires States not to be abbreviated. Same for the date?
  10. Question for long-time SHUTTERSTOCK contributors...have any of you experienced of-late inconsistence reviewers of your submissions from iteration to iteration? I submitted 6-images of cabins at Zion Lodge Zion National Park. Springdale, Utah. All were rejected citing: Editorial Caption: Caption is not accurately describing the subject matter or is missing required information such as the shoot date, location, or relevant description. Captions must be in English and cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeat words/phrases in excess. Can another long-time contri
  11. Beats me. I haven't experienced such a 'find,' and I am stumped about the circumstances. Your thought makes sense. When I see the image tied to the photographers name, I am concerned that something is terrible amiss! I've clicked the image I found to death and find nothing with my name as the Photographer. I hope other will reply. My thanks. Paul
  12. Question for fellow contributors...I found one of my images for large bales of alfalfa with SSs ID number below. I am unable to 'paste' a copy of the image to this message. Has anyone had their images 'stolen' and used under another photographers name and if so, how did you handle the issue? I have contacted SHUTTERSTOCK and PINTEREST with my issue. No reply yet. Cheers, Paul Juan Biaggi (jabr88) Pinterest is marketing my image Royalty-free stock photo ID: 605611973 Arizona baled alfalfa P By Paul R. Jones Royalty-free stock photo ID: 605611973 Arizona
  13. Jeff, this is a complaint. Please advise. Cheers, Paul Juan Biaggi (jabr88) Pinterest is marketing my image Royalty-free stock photo ID: 605611973 Arizona baled alfalfa P By Paul R. Jones Royalty-free stock photo ID: 605611973 Arizona baled alfalfa P By Paul R. Jones
  14. All 5-images submitted at the same time were all rejected citing 'focus.' All were taken with a NIKON D810 using a NIKON 35-70 AUTO-FOCUS LENS. Can anyone comment on whether the images, are in fact, out of focus?
  15. Great reply. However, I am beginning to believe that SS relies entirely too much on auto-systems. If this rejection was by a 'human being reviewer,' then there are some serious flaws in the review process at SS.
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