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  1. Illustration wise it's very slow here... Doing fine on adobe & istock.
  2. No, they certainly do not. I'd contact SS asap. Make sure to take some screen shots to prove what he or she is doing too.
  3. Hey mate,
 Thanks for the advice... All those rejections certainly make sense now. I probably have a few bad habits that I picked up from another agency I used to submit to (you know the one). Thanks again, R.
  4. Hey there, I've been getting quite a few rejections recently for my images lately (vector). Which I didn't get before. So it's seen as spamming if you repeat keywords? I knew that was the case for the title and description. For example, can you use keywords in this manner - For an 'isometric Nuclear Reactor'. Nuclear Power, Nuclear Reaktor, Nuclear Power station, Power Generation, Etc. Would this be seen as spamming then? I contacted support asking for some feedback, but they just referred me to the contributor uploads instructions. Any help would be greatly appreci
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