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  1. Thank you for advice. Sales at the beginning of the year are very disappointing. Perhaps we should agree with you that we should wait until we leave the SS. But it seems to me that the SS will not be able to compete with other microstocks for a long time. Greed will ruin him. Authors with education and experience, expensive and good equipment are leaving, it is very noticeable. Young authors come from developing countries who want to get even $ 0.10. These authors do not have the education, experience, or equipment to do good, high-quality work. Accordingly, the overall level of
  2. It occurs to me that by staying here, I am contributing to the greed of the SS.
  3. I will stop posting, there was a hope that there would be more sales, but I was wrong.
  4. Shutterstock becomes the worst place to sell images!?... A long time ago, when I started, I did not have such small sales as this year! I am sure that shutterstock will die of its greed, and all the authors who respect their work will leave. I myself continue to upload my work to shutterstock, but only in JPG. Tell me, is it worth leaving this greedy microstock?
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