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  1. Why dont you come once with good news to contrubitors Shutterstock When an email comes from you im scearing to open it...
  2. I think even him is pessimistic about this situation
  3. Hello Do you have a footage you hoped a lot from it but you couldnt do even one sale...Here is mine https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-27754723-sting-ray-gymnura-swimming-underwater-butterfly-stingray Have nice time
  4. You can see here last time when uploading failed again before, how long it took to be fixed
  5. Yes the problem is being solved now but because contrubitors couldn upload their files before now all of us trying to upload and submit,it is taking more than a week for files to be accepted...İs it same for you also?
  6. I have more than 3000 mpeg2 clips here which are not being accepted now..i think they accept only mpeg4 and move recently
  7. October should be one of my best month (video) but no sales until now. .The first page of my content (popular) even haven't changed at all may be the last 3 weeks which was changing all the time before...They must have changed something which obviously didn't work for me....
  8. more than half of my portfolio is hd actually but sales stopped so suddenly this month...I think it is related with something else...the only thing that I know they they changed the layout of our contents...after they didi that I started not to be able to reach my or anybody elses content (I use windows explorer)..and I still cant reach...if I use google chrome I can reach to a page that shows my content but the page is way too different than before....so I think whatever that is somehow ruined the sales but the thing I noticed that only a few people complaining about low sale numbers for may...are their sales still normal or they haven't noticed yet
  9. Thank you for the answers and enjoying my portfolio I hope someday you can dive again I managed to look at my portfolio from google chrome and yes I could see it ,but it is a new layout....probably they have changed the appearance of the portfolio pages and it doesn't work on my windows explorer yet for 10 days... April is always my peak month since I started shutterstock and it was again this year, May shouldn't be bad as well.. I don't want to complain for a few sales but I just want to find the reason for sudden cut, thanks a lot..
  10. Hello Is there anybody else having this problem ,I just want to be sure if it is only my sales... last 2 years the sales are going random for me and actually I kind of know which days are good for me in a month. .Like the first 10 days or 2 weeks of a month it is good and then stops for 10 days or a week and then the last 4_5 days are good again.... May started good until 4th of May and then I noticed that I cant go to my video portfolio .then I tried to look for other contributors video portfolio and I couldn't see theirs either...it only lets me to go to first page of a portfolio only with a few videos (not the whole page) then you click the next button and nothing happens..no second page appears. im using windows explorer . After that day the sales are stopped suddenly . Are there any other video contributors out there with a sudden cut of sales after the first week of May or is it just me having a bad May.... I want to understand if it is related with that bug in active videos page.. thanks a lot for the answers
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