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  1. Julian Schlaen

    What is your approved / sold ratio?

    Thanks @Steve Bower for your reply! I just want to know where I'm standing but I think your pointing a valid point. I'll have to take a closer look to establish that numbers over a time frame. I'm closer to 50 cents per download than to a dollar.
  2. Hi! I'm curious about how many uploads vs. sell do contributors have in average. I have uploaded 759 images that have been accepted and sold 274 times. My ratio is 36%. Thanks!
  3. Julian Schlaen

    I just reached my first 100 downloads today :)

    Don't worry, there is always a slower fish (like me). I started in July 2016, just trying how it worked out. Now I have 250 uploads, and 27 downloads. February was my best month with 10 downloads.