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  1. I mean, Adobe gives me the ability to put this photo in its free collection. Instead the other ones with more than 20 downloads, but recent, it doesn't give me the ability. Hope I explained myself.....
  2. Yes, and probably the forgotten ones, too. I have one eligible with over 50 downloads, but the last download is happen over 1 year ago
  3. Yes, me too. One in three photos approved yesterday
  4. The same error started again from late morning. Only show downloads on the map
  5. and they don't even appear in the mobile app....
  6. Me too, they only showing in the map,
  7. Please an advice. In the end for test I tried to upload more or less the same photo taken with a small canon M10, 20 "( which gives a bad porthole effect to the close shot in the corners), and it was accepted immediately. It can be a sudden problem with the len of the canon fullframe mirrorless for all these "noise chrominance" ? Thanks to those who can answer me.
  8. Today I suddenly had several noise/chrominance or noise/posterization rejections. Something has changed in SS bots or reviewers standards ? Sometimes in the past i have had "not in focus" rejections at first upload, but not with this perseverance, 5 out of 5 not accepted also in the second upload. When ( just to try) I use a denoise it also become "out of focus" too, as second cause of rejections. I'm starting to get tired .....
  9. I'm off topic, but I wish to ask you something about an old "new opportunity" at the time of the new SS earning structure start. Dreamstime raised the low from 0.35 to 0.38, certainly to attract people, disappointed by the move of SS. Now, I've never had big numbers from them, but I could do around 20 monthly sales . After June I have about a third. Has this happened to someone else or is it just a random trend?
  10. This is probably what the Western media want to implement their work (right or wrong)of educating the people considered ignorant and "not in step with the times" , along with the other various one-sided globalist battles over inclusivity, femminism, racism etc. etc. Whether this really interests a few people, and for someone these images are disturbing, doesn't matter. So, if there is business there, probably it's correct the first place in "most requested content"
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