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  1. From two days seem they are going mad with the focus. The other day I uploaded one and it was accepted. Then I saw that it had a dark part on top (it was on white background) and I deleted it. Ok done, reupload : not accepted for focus problems. Reupload again for the third time: accepted...
  2. As far as I understand, they pay 0.38 for subs subscribed after June 1st, for the previous 0.35. In fact, I have mixed sales, some 0.38 others 0.35
  3. After my coimplaint, OD of 2,65 from UK. I'm on level 4 1051085699 2,65 USD1 1340398718 2,65 USD1
  4. As level 4, my last 20 sales this week are all subs: 13 sales of 0,10 cents, 1 of 0,11, 3 of 0,12, 1 of 0,14,, 1 of 0,16, 1 of 0,18 and (the higher) 1 of 0,59 cents. Hurra ! 😞 ....a od saturday 3,83
  5. Don't know if the calculation is correct, but on the concept you are definitely right: the world's worst tax state is always hungry and eat more than any other country. ;
  6. yes I can't understand too.... threee 10 cent are on SOD, but one 0,69 and one 0,87 are actually on sub column
  7. And before, how much would you have taken with your contributor level ?
  8. Sounds very bad, this move could drag the entire microstock industry behind this policy. Why keep flat rate commission and lose flexibility on the market cycles, when 2 majors like SS and iS don't?
  9. Strangely I noticed that using the edit photo tool, it is remained the previous arrangement of top images
  10. Not very well indeed, after an excellent march. Working machinery or wall background do not sell anymore , at least so far ....
  11. Talking in general, I noticed that SS lately has become more attentive about artifacts but specially on the sharpening or de-noise (as AS were times ago). Did anybody has the same impression?
  12. Here in english language, real time updates https://www.ansa.it/english/index.html https://www.ansa.it/english/index.html
  13. It could be. It was all too bad handled to believe in simply heedless behavior, also for italian standard. Meanwhile, third person died and over 150 infects. (The second European country is Germany with 15 infections .....). Something has been handled in a lousy way
  14. In this country, politicians were worried about racism so they appeared in newspapers and tv in Chinese schools and restaurants. To make public opinion happy and safe, what did they do? The only nation in the world, they have blocked direct flights from China ..... but not those via stopovers. So instead of controlling a single access route, they have created dozens ... This is the story
  15. Do not trust this country.... If after China and Korea it is the third country in the world for infections, sure there will be a reason (incompetence and approximation are a rule here) ... That the corona virus is more or less than a normal influence, well this is another matter...
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