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  1. Thanks for your answer. Im using Adobe Illustrator, but I just realized that when I save the file to the required .eps 10 version, it converts the gradients in kind of rastered objects, I dont know why but when i reopen the files I cant edit the gradients, they are like raster, it may be due to some preferences while saving, I dont know, Im still searching for the problem. Thank you !
  2. The thing is that I only used gradients, no photoshop like effects, but still rejected. So thats why Im wondering what can be the problem Thanks anyway
  3. Hello, I just did an illustration on adobe illustrator, I added some gradients with no parallel shadows or any other raster effects, but in the review, the image was rejected with the next reason: "Your vector contains bitmap objects based on pixels or raster effects. Eliminate these effects or objects and upload again." Does somebody know what could be the problem? The image is attached
  4. On my computer I have 2 folders. The first is the "Pre" folder, in this I have all the photos that need to be edited, add titles, keywords, etc, then I have the "Ready folder" where I have all the photos ready to upload. Then I use the Filezilla ftp software tu upload to all agencies in the same day, and then when I complete the upload and there is no need to resubmit, I upload the photos to google drive in folders by session. Example: 2019 Streets of Houston city exploration. Then I delete everything from my computer, and I make a backup copy in an external drive every 6 months.
  5. I think it has to do with the reviewer, some can think that the fabric design is copyrighted and other may just approve them. Some of them are really "special" on these issues and other are more relaxed, so in this cases can be a matter of luck. Why dont you try again? thats what I do when some images are rejected and I think they are good for approval.
  6. Hello ! I just took some pictures of St Benedict´s Cross. This is a very old symbol, more than 500 yrs I guess. Im wondering if it needs a property release? Do I have to submit them as editorial? Or can I upload them as comercial with no release? Thanks everyone for any orientation !
  7. Learn to use a vector illustration program, like adobe illustrator. The concept is cool, but need to improve the execution. With some practice you will improve a lot, but learn to use the tools, is no big deal, there are a lot of tutorials on the web. Saludos !
  8. I think that if you use some kind of perspective where we can see more of the bridge, would like better and be more sellable. Saludos !
  9. I like the first image, clean, minimal, and with urban look, The second one clearly was made with auto trace in illustrator from a photo or something similar. Maybe if you trace it and simplify it would look better. Saludos !
  10. Hello ! I think the illustrations (characters) are cool. The typo is kind of boring, I think you can change it for something more dynamic, (avoid the "comic sans" and the other one with more "formal" look) I dont like the outlines in the maze, maybe without outline and a more white path would look better, And also doesnt like the plant pattern in the maze illustration maybe something more "hand drawn style" would look better, I hope this help you !
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