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  1. Thanks very much for your replies everyone. @chris kolaczan that's very useful to hear of your experience with fuji. @Rudy Umans the x100f is for sale in UK still from what i can tell @Laurin Rinder, @jean-francois.me, @Steve Bower - thanks for the suggestions of alternatives. I think i'll rent the X-T2 for a weekend as Chris suggests then that'll give me a benchmark to consider the others you list. Cheers!
  2. Hello all, I currently have a canon 550d with an EFS 15-85mm lens. I really like this camera and lens and have been happily using for 5-6 years. However, due to its size/weight I feel that I'm not taking as many photos as I'd like in cities or when generally out and about because a) i've not taken it, too heavy, or b) it's tucked away back in my bag and have missed a shot faffing around getting it out c) it's a pretty obvious camera so puts people off when using to shoot in markets or in crowds etc. I hired an X100F for the weekend to see what it was like, and really enjoyed using it around london and found it solved most of the issues listed above. However, i didn't buy because slightly worried it's a bit limiting because i really enjoy taking photos in mountains/ countryside etc. and the X100F has a fixed lens. Therefore, i was thinking the XT-2 looked a very good bet - can change lenses, and will suit countryside and all the situations that X100 F pretty much covers, albeit not quite as compact or discrete. Before I make the plunge and either hire the XT-2 for a weekend or buy it, i was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding my thoughts that XT-2 would be better for the situations above than either my current camera or the X100F? Also, if there are any other cameras which you think are better or worth considering above the XT-2, would be very helpful to know too. Thanks, Harry
  3. Thanks a lot, Laurin. Will mail you in a minute - and however you deliver your critique is fine by me - it's generous of you to offer your time. See what you mean, Duncan. Hadn't seen National trust on that list, i think you must be right about the properties being taken out of context - at least I hope so, about 50% of my PF is on national trust land! Nice images of north England by the way, had to move from Newcastle back to London after living there for a few years - great place.
  4. You wouldn't mind sharing what you think are the main negatives of the photos would you, Laurin? The car one is a snapshot from my iPhone as walking past, i thought the old houses and tall buildings made a nice contrast but the composition is not great on the left hand side with the trees and maybe I whacked up the colour a bit too much. I thought the one with the couple looking towards city of london was ok, although a fairly dreary overcast day. Be interested to hear your opinion anyway, thanks
  5. Thanks for the comments, all. I clicked through the link you sent Whiteaster and found what seems to be the rejection reason, shown in the screenshot below - thanks for sharing it. For all 3 photos I was in a royal park which it says cannot be used for editorial or commercial. The canary wharf photo was taken from greenwich park and the other two primrose hill. The one with the cars was not in the park but I must've mentioned primrose hill which got it the rejection. Doesn't explain why 11 pages of primrose hill photos with the park clearly visible already exist, but maybe it's only a recently enforced restriction. will just have to be more vague in descriptions - the queen surely has enough money!
  6. Thanks for you comments, will send you a PM Alexlky, always interested in improving! Also, got another rejection this morning for the same reason!!! Still not clear why. Maybe will try submitting again.
  7. Hello Does anyone know why these images submitted as editorial have received a 'Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in ou' rejection reason? Would've accepted a variation of 'not very good' rejection reason but i can't see any graffiti and I wouldn't have thought there was a problem with the bank names on the skyscrapers or identifiable cars because editorial, so I'm a bit stumped as to what's wrong? It may well be perfectly obvious, but not to me! Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Harry
  8. Thanks for the tips, Mike. Yes I did struggle to reduce the brightness of the building lights when processing - as you suggest will have to get back up there and try shooting before it's so dark. Will post a picture or two back on here and hopefully there will be some progress compared to the current one!
  9. Thanks for taking a look, Glen. Will have to improve exposure for similar night shots. And good point, it would look better if I was closer in.
  10. Harry Green

    Skyline of Kuala Lumpur

    Hi all, Would be pleased to receive some criticism and advice on the uploaded images. I uploaded them a month or two ago and thought they were pretty good original images that show something different, from what I've seen, of KL skyline type photos already uploaded but they're yet to sell. If anyone has any thoughts on whether it's wrong time of day for such photos, composition is bad, etc, they will be gratefully received! Thanks, Harry
  11. maybe try a few words like rustic, wooden, bucket, barrel, old, farm, setting, bowl,
  12. I like this one a lot. Nice warmish, pastely/ misty colours
  13. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/18th-june-2017-just-before-sunset-662558836
  14. Many thanks for sharing your opinions - I definitely echo the point that photos I'm more pleased with, and took more time over, haven't shifted unlike some of the more spontaneous ones. One that I have sold a few of was a street sign named 'watergate' - seems to have been picked up by news websites to accompany stories about the recent going's on in US gov. I did a photoshop crop of thunder and lightening to add more impact to the image, deleted the original, but the new one's not sold at all (https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dark-storm-clouds-gather-around-watergate-657345016) - should have left it how it was! Thanks for posting some of your images, Mike, as you say can't predict what people want and it's good to get images out there that don't have any similar examples.
  15. Clearly everyone uploads images because we hope they’ll sell………………however, since I’m newish to stock photo world I’ve thrown in a couple of images mainly to test if they’d get through the approval process, and looking back over last 6 months, it’s quite surprising that one or two of the test images have sold! Definitely not complaining - just a bit surprising! Here’s one of mine and would be interesting to see anyone else's images that they're surprised were sold. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pint-ale-on-summers-day-traditional-549033496
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