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  1. Thank you for the link, I hadn't seen that. Yes every now & then these rules change. You may come later and see they say, even carpets that are not the main subject are not acceptable because the customer can zoom in or crop that image out and steal the design anyway. Completely agreed, its not worth it. I like many of your images, specially B&W hen sitting on arm of chair, or hole on the wall.
  2. No, I don't bother go any further. Why? What for? Going for a little possibility of approving and then, among some millions useless easily approved images, waiting months for the image to be discovered and sell 25 cents doesn't make me any proud of my efforts & even myself.
  3. Thank you alot for your efforts & searches on this matter. Among them I saw 4 images from May 2019 which carpet was main subject (a carpet filling the frame). The thing I really I want to know is that, is there any announcement from the time they change a policy (if they really did) to inform us, contributors, so we become more careful what not to submit. Or they just wait until we submit something and then reject with a simple general one line explanation, and leave us with wasted time, effort and frustration.
  4. I submitted and its rejected: Non-Licensable Content: We cannot accept this image into our commercial or editorial collection, or we are no longer accepting this type of content. I think SS policies is rather frustrating and confusing, while I found many images similar in the search results. After a while even in capturing moments you are not sure if you are image will be useful later or not.
  5. Thank you Whiteaster, Prior to posting I searched "persian carpet" and I don't know why I got completely diferent results, less than 100 editorial images and all with ~119$ prices. It seems I did something wrong. Thanks for the link, I found some images similar to mine (which due to that search haven't found none of them) which are helpful in caption and keywording. I like your images which beside their artistic values make me very hungry Cheers!
  6. Hello, I took an image of my Persian carpet & submitted as commercial (also with property release) and it was rejected (intellectual property reason). My question is, do you think I can submit it as editorial (things of human interest category) and how likely it will be accepted? You may say that go ahead and see if it works or not. But since rejection is very frustrating for me, I wanted to ask your opinion first (Also I am not much familiar with editorial). And how the caption should be? I attach the image, and also the link to my previous topic about this image (if you wanted to look at it anyway).
  7. I will try as editorial. There are some copyright rules inside Iran. They dont allow you to take photos of high quality handmade objects in museums or stores specially with pro cameras. Thanks for the compliment No, I just used my mobile to take it, but carefully adjusted the frame to include the whole medallion. Thanks
  8. I am not sure if my image falls under any of 2 category which SS defined for editorial : Documentary images: Images that document an event or subject of human interest Illustrative images: Images that illustrate an event or subject of human interest through staging Yes I think as long as you keep the rug blurred, it helps your subject stand out and also minimizing any possibility for the image to be rejected.
  9. Then we can discuss the property as partially or fully exposed in the image. My image was partially (center) of carpet in perspective. If you take picture of your living room, it is subject to interior design intellectual property (specially if it is well designed considering materials, textures, things installed on the walls, etc). Thanks
  10. Thanks Firn. When someone uploads an image of a home and he also gets the property release signed by the owner, we know that the image will be likely accepted if it doesn't have any other issues. But here home design (intellectual property) belongs to the architect. Doesn't that rule apply also to the carpet image? Thanks
  11. Hello, I took and submitted a perspective view of center / medallion of my Persian carpet (I am carpet's owner & uploaded property release). It is rejected and it says because of "Intellectual Property". Do you have any idea why the image is rejected, despite that I uploaded required property release? Thanks
  12. Its been terrible month for me too, 11 days without download, though my protfolio is still small, but this never happened to me before.
  13. Hi, is it normal to have a 0.40$ under single & other download? I thought it includes download for 50$ and higher. Thanks
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