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  1. Ali, We just now sent our profile image for the Shutterstock Peeps for 2019 - "Dave Safley" Thanks so much! Laurin, Hope to see more Shutterstock Photogs send in their image in soon! Best, Dave
  2. A newbie question here, but how do you share your images from your collection, I tried adding by SS URL but it rejects the link. Thanks! DAve
  3. I will have to say, I do like SS interface, and ESP needs some work - Concur
  4. Got it, quite interesting - Thanks for the feedback! Dave
  5. Mirco, Interesting - Thanks for the info, I really do not have much in the way of images contributed to either, just a few images testing out the platforms. But so far, SS has shown returns, I do like the community here and the interface is quite nice. Best, Dave
  6. Loaded Topic, so be nice But wondering if anyone has contributed significantly to both Shutterstock and iStock and be able to comment which platform returned the best investment, traction with licensing - Pro / Cons? We love Shutterstock, but also have an account on iStock Best, Dave
  7. We are back and excited to start using and supporting all things Shutterstock - I primarily shoot editorial vs traditional stock, and just listen to one of fav podcast with a fellow photog that shoots for Shutterstock editorial which, prompted me to peak back in on my account, and was pleased to see the new TAB and support for entertainment and such. Also found that some of my test images uploaded when I first signed up had some sales! - This was enough to get me going again and will start to build my collection here on Shutterstock! Best, Dave
  8. Since I am so new here, I did not have a chance to see the old dashboard, but I know that I am impressed by the new updated dashboard and everything I see so far about ShutterStock - Great to be a part of some great people here! Dave | ModernPics
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