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  1. Shutterstock has always been considered the best for artists and photographers, as well as for buyers. This reputation worked! Now you will become a symbol of a bad attitude to people. How will this reputation work? I understand that you are forced to do so. But I am also sure that a compromise can be found. I’ve been with you for 10 years, my portfolio is 25,000+ images and 9,000+ videos. I no longer upload new content and plan to deactivate my portfolio if there are no changes. I upload my works on a other stocks. Separately, as a vector artist, I want to note that when you were the main among the stocks, I could still do your 4 megapixels especially for you, but why should I do it now? Why am I must be to wasting time? I will be focused on other stocks.
  2. That is, we must do more work for you, your requirement is 4 megapixels, but we get 10 cents for this.?! And I don’t understand how my fifth level differs from the first, I also get 10 cents. You must allow contributors to disable the cheapest subscriptions!
  3. It would be convenient for me (like a Customer!) If you would return the possibility of subscribing (followers) to the authors!
  4. I am ashamed in front of buyers. I have regular customers. Imagine, you always buy files, you are sure of this files. And suddenly you buy again, but now the files became huge. If I am a buyer, I will think that the designer has gone wrong. So, buyers do not know that we were forced to do so ....This is high reputational risk for designers. With these feelings, I still can not decide to upload my files again.
  5. OK, I realized for some reason you really need it. But please, please, leave at least a choice: only EPS or EPS + JPG.
  6. Thanks a lot! However, we do not know the reasons why it was done. Just do not talk again about convenience, we all understand that it is not. I understand that we are not investors or shareholders to disclose the reasons for us. But thus, I do not know what changes will be still ...
  7. what about keywords? It is NOT getting any easier! I am disappointed. You are NOT hear us.
  8. There is nothing wrong with turning back if you are on the wrong road. Thank you very much!!!
  9. In fact, Shutterstock forces us to make our images more large sizes in mb. So, the shutterstock is struggling with competitors. Maybe it is better to invest in a better images search? You interfere to work them who bring you money!
  10. How to provide keywords? I do not understand. Personally, this innovation only complicates my work.
  11. Thank you, However, it would be better if those works that are similar to the one with which the link is shown are displayed. But not just the same author.
  12. Please return the sales statistics for new content! This statistic was very helpful in the work.
  13. Sorry, I really do not like the new design. Now it is impossible to see the statistics of downloads of new works. This chart is very motivated me to work. The same with the statistics of downloads for the week .... It was promised more tools to analyze, but in reality their became less!
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