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  1. You only get commission when your referrals sell something. obviously they haven't yet...
  2. It's a marketing blog. Many companies use blogs for marketing purposes. The idea is just to suck in new customers or contributors. Like so many of these kinds of blogs, they only scratch the surface of the subjects they're dealing with. Nothing really valuable information cannot be found in them.
  3. He is still Chairman of the Board and the biggest shareholder. So all this has his blessing. He just was clever enough to move to the backstage before all this. He knew what was coming and didn't want to give his face to it. "Although I’ll be stepping back from the day-to-day, I’m not going away! I will remain Chairman of the Board and continue to be a resource and advisor to Stan. As Executive Chairman and as the largest shareholder, I plan to continue to be involved in the strategy and direction of the business including yearly planning, regular off-sites, M&A, capital allocation, a
  4. Yes, you should absolutely try shooting Tampere. Try to make them as high quality as possible. Seek for beautiful light etc. The quality of the Tampere images drops fast already on the first page so make your images pop. You should be able to get your images on the first rows when you start getting downloads. I haven't been shooting on events that much, but I should more often. Generally my editorials do sell but I can't say for protests or parades etc. I believe though that there is a market for those too. Finnish news agencies do use stock photos. I did shoot Vappu celebration cou
  5. A Fellow Finn, welcome! I think you have already an advance as of living in Finland because there's not that much competition. Images of Helsinki is probably only high competition subject in Finland but even that is far from the levels of Paris for example. There is still lot of opportunities here for travel photography that have high possibility to sell well. For example, my Turku images are selling very well all over the world. There's lot of Finnish buyers too! I'd say not to worry too much about cropping, but think of making different variations. Some tighter shots and different
  6. Hi Eric, You have a good looking portfolio and should get some sales. It may sometimes take some time. I have a small photography/digital arts blog which is strongly oriented on producing stock media. I always want to point beginners to read especially this post: https://jamoimages.com/stock-photography-tips/ You can find there some golden tips that I personally have found very useful. Best of Luck!
  7. SS definitely won't make us rich. We have a saying here that goes "Siberia Teaches". That means learning things by hard way. That's what stock photography sometimes feels like To improve noise and sharpness it is good to understand the holy trinity of photography: Exposure time, aperture and ISO and how they are connected on each other. Also, using tripod on landscape photography for example gives better sharpness and allows longer exposure times. Then understanding light in photography and learn a bit of color theory may take you images on to another level.
  8. Hello, It may be an opportunity. However, it depends how well locals know the legal aspects of using photos commercially. I mean that they don't just go find images on the internet and uses them without permission. Local businesses need local images for their marketing and easiest way to get them legally is to download stock images. But I think you still need to improve the quality of your images so keep on learning. Some quick tips: Keep on uploading and learning composition and post-processing Use relevant keywords Shoot things unique to Chile Search
  9. There may be some sort of AI review testing going on with Shutterstock. The second submission usually goes through. I get reviews complete sometimes in couple of minutes from submitting and sometimes there's ridiculous rejections. Second submission always goes through even without any changes. If it's AI working behind the scenes, it tends to be very strict and even slightest errors will result to rejection.
  10. Lightroom is excellent for organizing and editing large quantities of images relatively fast and easy and because of that I think it is much better solution for stock photographers than Photoshop. Lightroom is also much simpler and straightforward than photoshop IMO. With Lightroom you can do also some quite advanced editing thanks to the masking options that it offers nowadays. However, some more complex stuff still require Photoshop. I've made a blog post on the most useful features of Lightroom. If you're interested you can find it here: https://jamoimages.com/how-to-use-lightroom
  11. Hi Sihi, You're having a good start. Just keep on uploading and learning what stock photography actually is and what kind of images are in demand. Keep on developing your skills, study the portfolios of successful stock producers and you'll eventually will do great. I have written more tips in my blog to consider: https://jamoimages.com/stock-photography-tips/ Best of luck for your journey! 👍
  12. LOL Thanks! Yes, and as a part-time photographer there's no pressure to always produce images with high sales potential and you can experiment more freely I think. You never know what you'll find. For example, in the forums, you always hear that artistic images don't sell as a stock. However, for me artistic images are the ones that sell the most. Mostly I think it is true, but as said, by experimenting you may find suprising things. This year I'm doing more videos and experiments with 3D. I'm going to write about that in my blog as well so don't forget to follow
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