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  1. Hi everybody. It’s been almost a week that I’m watching the situation over some forums and chats. For me it’s obvious that panic and aggressive conditions still overwhelms the constructive ones. I'm full time microstock contributor and make a living with this. That’s one of the the reasons why my SS portfolio is still on air. The other one is that for the last days the new rating system has almost no negative impact to my earnings. I'm sure that I am not the only one with the same or similar situation nevertheless 3 days stats is not representative so I’ll wait for the whole month t
  2. Nope. I guess they are swh in the "singles" tab - mixed with all that can't be identified as "subscription"
  3. In current circumstances I don't think they will do that soon. To much uncontrolled aggression is here from the people who spit it on anybody who doesn't share their rage. I'm sure that any message from admins, except the one that said that changes are discarded, will summon another one huge rage flow
  4. Me personally have same thought, so I'm waiting june to see what will I get and then I'll make my decision whether my workflow needs an update or not Of course with the new payment approach it will be much harder for the beginners to get an acceptable amount of money but on the other hand - only good content will be truly rewarded. The contributors itself are saying that there are too much newbies with low quality content in the mstock industry. With the new payment policy they will be kicked off from the earnings, at least in the Shutterstock. Maybe there is a sense in this u
  5. Amen!! But you can't delete you fpik portfolio as easy as on SS
  6. Why nothing? They got some shitty-bit of endorphins when got some "likes"
  7. Unfortunately they've never did. Always notifying us few days before the new "update"
  8. The royalty you'll get will depends of the customer's subscription plan
  9. Quite rational answer.. well it would be so but It won't till rating will be reseted every single year. You know, its really offensive that videographers are the ones who will be really thrown out of the rails with this new plan.
  10. I guess they have no any update from the SS managers so there is nothing new them to say
  11. Nope, this won't happen. The decision is already made. There is a bit of a chance that they will postpone it to "correct some numbers" or even less of a chance - they will implement floating rating
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