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  1. very rustic altogether with the beer just remind me old days, simple but well done
  2. I should hope so, at the moment I still wait for my second jab but all those restrictions are still too much to handle at the moment. Still have hope tho
  3. Thanks for bringing a light into this, shame something like this is happening, for me it's a first time and truly hope also the last time I experience this sort of unwelcome surprise, but on the bright side I had good day yesterday 4 ODDs from local buyer.
  4. OMG! sound horrific! did you ever contacted SS regarding this problem?
  5. yep you're right, I got my dashboard updated today with this message: When our systems detect fraudulent transactions or other illegal activity, we rescind rights to fraudulently obtained assets and reverse related transactions. If your assets are affected, corrections may need to be made to your account, including earnings adjustments and corrections to your download count. personally don't really understand the fraudulent part but it's only 0.11 so I don't really care, just got really surprised
  6. Did anyone else experienced sale which was counted in the morning on the SS spreadsheet, map and also the unpaid earning part in upper right corner but in the evening this very same sale is shown only on a map? This one sale (sub) seem to be deleted from spreadsheet as well as the 'unpaid earning' part in upper right corner on contributor dashboard show less earning in value of this one sale compare the morning amount. Wonder if SS is giving refunds to buyers now or if this is just some sort of bug?
  7. reminder of life before pandemic, amazing how life can change, hope we will all enjoy this kind of events again soon
  8. pretty interesting portfolio you have, I chosen this one for the color choice and for the meaning.
  9. love the composition and colors on this one, nice light
  10. glad somebody came back to the original idea of this game and comments are back! I chosen this image because those doppeln cookies reminded me time I spent in Germany sharing them with old friend over cup of tea
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