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  1. Beautiful portfolio, very inspiring ideas I can use to picture my baby (for family album). As it stand at the moment, Shutterstock had dropped royalties price massively, they tend to reject whole batches of images so many people simply stopped uploading anything as it's currently considered waste of time with hope something will change in a future
  2. so far down by aprox 10 downloads this month, only one ODD this month, rest SUBs ODD x1@ 1.51 was 2.48 SUB x 29@ 0.10 was 0.33 SUB x1@ 0.11 was 0.33
  3. similar here, perhaps buyers moved to different agencies as well
  4. I keep my portfolio for now, not uploading anything new because simply I value my time more and this is not what I signed for. Sooner or later I will reconsider if there is any point at all to keep my portfolio alive. I guess I didn't start doing stock photography for money but for passion, wanted to show my pictures and felt happy with every each download, than I felt pretty motivated with the royalty increase realizing my time is paying off a bit, well, now I feel demotivated and feel like I can use my time better than this.
  5. I prefer composition and light on the bottom image
  6. I love the lines on second image, nice composition
  7. I prefer composition of the top image, also love the lantern shadow as it attract my attention and poking my imagination
  8. very inviting shot, looking at this image make me wanna be there
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